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Style 141 and 641

Looking at buying either of these two styles and am wondering about the fit. Do these styles fit slimmer than regular jackets since they are a motorcycle jacket? I am a 42 but have been told to order a 44 in this jacket. How much thicker is the steer hide in the 641 than the regular leather of the 141? Are both styles the same length with just the style of leather being the difference? Thanks.

Gail on 07/13/05 at 02:23 PM

Hi Coco,

The #141 is a Naked leather Cowhide, which means there is no finish on the leather. It has a non-shiney appearance with a softer pliable hand. The # 641 is a Steerhide leather which has a finish on the leather, a shiney appearance and a stiffer rigid hand. Both leathers are 1.2-1.4mm in thickness and a 3 oz. wt. which is very durable. On the style # 641 the patterns are the original sizing when this jacket was made 50 years ago and they are a smaller cut, we do advise to order a size larger. Due to our customer's demands to preserve the original #641 jacket, we have maintained and produce the jacket to the original specifications The #141 patterns have been adjusted to a more updated fit.

We do advise you to purchase the jacket in your chest size, but every individual does have a preference in what a comfortable fit is for him or her. We recommend your measure your chest from under the arm and slightly puffed out. For styles 618 & 641 order one size larger.

Please take into consideration when ordering any motorcycle jacket they tend to have a snug fit and taper in at the waist for protection against the elements of the weather when riding. Once you have determined your chest size allow for any zip-out liner in jacket, and if heavy undergarments will be worn under the jacket also if you prefer a looser fit. If you would like to send us your measurements for sizing, please contact me at I can advise you of the measurements I need to advise you. Gail



Coco on 07/14/05 at 10:23 PM

When you mention the 641 having a somewhat of a shiny appearance, is it really shiny?

Gail on 07/15/05 at 02:00 PM

Dear Coco,

The steerhide leather is not real shiney, the shine is due to the leather having a finish. The naked leather has no finish so the leather has a duller appearance. Gail

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