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How to stretch a leather jacket

Hi all, I purchased a Schott 626B (collaboration with Bloomingdales) at the sample sale in 2012. At first, the jacket was all about the way it looked. I loved the perfecto style so I purchased a medium which fit snug on me and giving it a fully fitted look. It has since been a year and I packed on a couple of pounds and also started riding a motorcycle. The jacket now fits a bit too tight on the shoulders when I ride. I haven't really worn the jacket as much as I want to, do you guys think the jacket will break in a little bit more? I'd rather not sell and rebuy because I love this jacket to death.

richgreene on 02/09/14 at 06:24 PM

HAHA Buddy---I was dopey enough to buy one of those a few years back. Theyre made for the latte club guys NOT riders---No gusset or footballs---I suggest you sell it and get a regular Perfecto. Next youll be busting the stitches.

Albatross on 02/10/14 at 08:32 PM

Richgreene's right, man. If you plan on riding - and by that I mean any sort of riding, whether you plan on going cross country or simply going from one cafe to another, 626 ain't something I'd recommend on a bike... It's a fashion jacket. Really cool, modern looking fit jacket but fashion jacket nonetheless which I wouldn't trust my hide to..

Then again, compared to what some other manufacturers are selling as riding gear, 626 is a tank of a jacket, but that's a whole different story...

Having said that, my experience with Schott jackets is that they don't really stretch much at all. At least those that I have (had) - they certainly got broken in, that is to say, they became softer and much more pliable, but neither of my jackets ever actually stretched on me. Now, your 626B is made of midweight cowhide if I'm not mistaken, which is a type of leather I've little experience with so perhaps it might stretch out a little bit, but even so, it wouldn't make a difference because if you actually do feel the jacket being too tight around the shoulders, you can forget about it ever stretching enough to make you feel comfortable wearing it. I am afraid that going size up is your only option.

Not to mention that midweight cowhide doesn't really require much breaking in to begin with and despite not wearing it that much, I'd think that after two years your jacket got broken in, so there's really not much else you can do other than to follow richgreene's advice and get yourself a regular Perfecto.

LouisBailie on 02/11/14 at 01:06 PM

Get a 16oz bottle of Bick-4, (Amazon) sparingly wipe it down 4-5 times and wear. It should start to loosen up the leather. Repeat until it is like you want it. The leather will tend to flex more and be more comfortable.


Run/walk  to work for a month,  it will fit much better.

richgreene on 02/11/14 at 05:10 PM

Louis----These are flexable right outta the box-----Hes Not gonna stretch the sleeve stitching putting conditioner on it--------Anyway---Whats with the new trend with the sleeve zippers on the front of the sleeves, and No leather behind the unzipped opening ??

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