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Jackets Stains on Pants

Love my leather 740N (size 38!) stains my pants around the bottom. I see there's some 'charcoal dust' on the black leather (?) according to Schott but how, or when, will this stop? Is there a way to fix this? Can barely wear the coat with any pants besides dark dark black. Not happy 'bout this. Please advise!

Gail on 01/12/19 at 08:11 AM

The style #140 is a Naked Cowhide leather which means the leather has no finish. I need more information on the jacket, is this a new jacket you just purchased from a retailer or is it a used jacket? Can you post a photo of the white pocket ticket with the barcode on it? The "charcoal dust" as you say is probably a white film of the natural oils of the leather surfacing. This usually occurs when you store the jacket cover with plastic or in a very warm area. The oils will naturally surface and can be removed with wiping the leather with a soft cloth, this film does not harm the jacket, but will only condition the leather. Please provide me with the barcode number and when and where you purchased the jacket from.


jimmyboy on 01/12/19 at 11:50 AM

Thank you Gail - The jacket has been mine for about four years. My father, no longer alive, bought it for me when I turned 50. He bought it in NYC. I have not worn it too much because with my previous job it would have been too casual, but last and this year I've been wearing it more, and that's how I noticed the black stains on my pants. 

Your reply said style 140, but this is a 740N. In the pocket is a tag - no bar code - with some numbers. 


Lot 38/ BNDL 004


I just need to know how I can stop the jacket from staining my pants. Can I 'seal' it with something? I tried rubbing a cloth on the inside of the hem, and that didn't stop the coat from continuting to stain my pants. I look forward to hearing from you ... thank you.

Gail on 01/12/19 at 12:29 PM

If your jacket is leather it is the style #140, all peacoat styles have the main label of US740N, no matter what the material is, but the style number of te jaket will change depending on the shell material. The pocket ticket does have a barcode it is the 10 digit number you posted, the 5th digit is a "6" which represents the year it was made, which could be 1996, 2006 or 2016. Since you stated you have had the coat 4 years it would not be 2016 that it was made. Can you tell me if the buttons on the jacket are a melamine plastic or a metal button. Is the care label a Leatherprocess Care label or a Arrow Care Label? If you rub other areas of the jacket with a white cloth does the black rub off? Did you have the jacket covered with a plastic or cover that did not allow air to circulate on the jacket?


jimmyboy on 01/12/19 at 06:33 PM

Thank you for your quick reply! It's got a leather care label inside, and plastic buttons. I imagine the coat was made in 2006, as that's about right via the calender. (Time flies!). Yes, if I rub other areas the black does rub off. For some reason that's less of a concern as I'm always wearing a sweater or something dark. The real issue is how the coat is ruining my pants!

The coat was stored in a plastic cover in a dry storage room during the summer, about five months. But it has not been covered for over 4 months now. What can I do to stop the staining???

Gail on 01/14/19 at 06:48 AM

Actually if your jacket has a Leathercraft Process Care label and Plastic buttons, then this jacket was produced in 1996. In 2006 we were using the Arrow Leather Care labels and our buttons on the leather peacoats had been changed by then to a metal peacoat button. Storing the jacket in plastic for especially in the summer is the reason for the white film, leather should never be covered in plastic as it needs to breathe. This may also be the cause for the dye to be surfacing with the natural oils of the hide. I would suggest to have the jacket professionally cleaned by Arrow Leather. They are experts in refurbishing leather jackets and dealing with issues. They are located in Kansas City, MO so you will need to ship the jacket to them, I believe they have free in-bound shipping. I have listed their information below. 


Arrow Leather Care: website:     Phone # 1-800-542-7769

jimmyboy on 01/14/19 at 06:03 PM

Really? This is as helpful as you can be? First off, there's no way this is a 1996 coat. If it is the seller had it sitting in his inventory for over 10 years maybe. I know it was purchased, new, around 2006-8. It was a gift, and expensive one too, from my father. None the less, after asking me 10 Q's about the coat's history you're going to tell me that by placing the coat in a garment bag for five months the leather is now going run and ruin my light colored pants? I've placed many leather coats in garment bags and there have no similar problems. I prefer not to send the coat out, pay more money, etc. 

I wrote asking if there is a product I can buy, that you might recommend, that can seal or remove/clean the small part of the coat that is staining my pants when I wear my 500$ jacket. I think Schott can do better than refer me to a Missouri cleaning company, at my additional expense. I really think Schott can do more, considering the prices you charge for a (nice) coat, than tell me to ship it to a company and pay for an expensive cleaning...when it's clean and fine, just bleeding leather ink. 

My original Q, if you can there any product I can apply to the inseam of the jacket to prevent it from contining to bleed black leather ink onto my clothing? Thank you in advance.

Gail on 01/15/19 at 09:00 AM

I am truly sorry you do not agree with the age of your jacket, I can only confirm the age of a jacket by the barcode and in the year it was produced what trim and labels were being used. As I mentioned before the jacket is Naked leather and yes a Naked leather will sweat in a plastic cover causing the oils to surface and possibly also raising the dye to bleed through. So whether it is from 1996 or 2006 the jacket is at least 12 years old and how it was stored for the past 12 years could be the cause. I know you mentioned the past 5 months it was covered but prior to that you did not cover the jacket? You note your other leathers are in garment bags and you have no problem, if these leathers have a finish and are not a naked leather then oils can not surface through the pores. If leather conditioners have been applied to the naked cowhide this too could be the cause, depending on the product used. I honestly do not have a quick fix of a product that can seal the jacket. Silicone sealers for water repellant protection on leather shoes, seals the leather, but then the leather can not breathe, which eventually causes the leather to dry rot with age. I have directed you the best possible company to help resolve the issue if they can. I am sorry that you feel after at least 12 years of owning a jacket we are responsible for this, as you noted something happened to the jacket in the last 5 months of being stored. I am not sure how you feel it is our fault and what you would like us to do. Since you do not want to have the jacket professionally clean, at Arrow or a local leather cleaner, I have no other solutions for you that would be less costly to you. 



Dphillip on 01/15/19 at 09:17 AM

Hey Gail, no need to apologize!

This person is complaining about the condition of an old jacket that was gifted to him and obviously not stored properly. It’s never their own fault it’s always someone else. 

Best wishes 


richgreene on 01/15/19 at 02:15 PM

LOLOLOLOL Dphillip wrote:

Hey Gail, no need to apologize!

This person is complaining about the condition of an old jacket that was gifted to him and obviously not stored properly. It’s never their own fault it’s always someone else. 

Best wishes 

LOLOLOLOL !!! Maybe he should just wear darker pants !!!!

Some of these complaints !!! Shakin’ my head 


jimmyboy on 01/15/19 at 07:35 PM

Dear Mr Phillip and Rich;

So you troll the Schott web page to make fun of customers who write in with their product issues? Just when when I thought I'd seen the bottom of life's occupations I've just seen a new low. 

Dphillip on 01/15/19 at 10:19 PM

Easy there Jimmyboy, sadly your wrong again. Not a troll but an active member of this form for six years and I never make fun of people. I will however comment on posts composed of arrogance and nonsense like yours.

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