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Specifications for 184 SM

Hi Gail, in my search to replace my beautiful I-S 674 MS that my wife purchased for me a year and a half ago for Christmas (I’ve lost 75 lbs), I ran across this nice 184 SM, and purchased it. I’m guessing it was maybe made in 99 due to the tags and leathercraft process label, but Im just guessing. I’m curious about its history, and specifications. What type leather is it, liner material etc.? Even though it’s in pretty good shape, I’ve decided to send it to Arrow leathercare to be cleaned, and possibly replace the elastic trim. I’m hoping they also treat the leather,  as the leather seems a little dried, stiff, and fading in some areas.  Anyway, I would appreciate it very much if you could give me some history on this particular jacket.

Also, the detachable collar seems fine, but I was curious wether it would be possible to send the jacket to Schott, and have a new detachable collar made for it in white shearling, as opposed to the black pile? For that matter, is it also possible to have the whole zip out liner re-made in shearling? Just curious.

Thank you for any information you can send my way, and have a great day...


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Gail on 08/25/19 at 07:20 AM

The 184SM is a Naked Cowhide leather, we used this Schott logo lining in our jackets from the mid-80's to the mid-90's. Based on the barcode number and the 5th digit being a "9" this jacket was produced in 1989. In regards to the collar it can be changed to a Shearling but I am not sure if we would have any white in stock. You may want to rethink the color white as arround the neckline it would be very noticeable when it got dirty. Jerri in our customer service handles all repairs and replacement items, she can check on the color options of the shearling for you. Not sure if we can make a shearling zip-out she would need to check withour designer on the possibility. A heavy shearling liner would effect the fit of the jacket. She can also provide pricing for you, her direct email is:


Kree on 08/25/19 at 10:33 AM

Thank you for the info. Very helpful!


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