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Sizing for 140 / 740B

Hi, I would like to buy a 140 in size 36.  Also, I would like to buy a  PEACOAT, and considering the 740B, my chest measures 36 inches. Can you please tell me the exact measures on the these jackets? thanks a lot!

Gail on 08/17/05 at 12:59 PM

The 740B is a boy's sized peacoat, the men's style number is 740. If you need a size 36 in the leather peacoat style # 140, you would need a size 36 in the men's peacoat style #740. Gail

janfong on 08/18/05 at 03:12 AM

Hi, thanks for your reply.

my chest measures 36 inches, but I am just 163cm tall. Can you please advise the outside measures of the of chest of 740 to me? measures from shoulder to shoulder, and the length of sleeves, thanks.


Gail on 08/18/05 at 03:03 PM

Dear Janfong, On the size 36 in the 740 peacoat, the back length is 32" measured from under colar sean to hem, the shoulder to shoulder measurement is 17-1/2". The sleeve is measured from the center of the back at the base of the neck, across the shoulder and down the sleeve and is 34". Gail

janfong on 08/18/05 at 08:42 PM

Dear Gail, thanks for your information, but I think the sizing of 36 may be a bit large for me. Could you please tell me the mesurements of size 34 of 740? Thank you sooooo much.


Gail on 08/22/05 at 12:04 PM

Dear Jan, For a size 34 the shoulder to shoulder measurement is 16-3/4" and the sleeve length is 33-3/4". In a size 34 thogh the sleeve measurement may be better for you, the chest may be too tight if your chest mesures 36", especially if you intend to wear a sweater under the jacket. Your best option may be to get a size 36 to accommodate your chest measurement and have the sleeves shorten by a tailor. Gail

janfong on 08/23/05 at 02:01 PM

Dear Gail, thank you very much for your suggestion. I think I will order 36. Further, I would like to ask two more questions, if I want to order a 141 and 181 at the same time for saving the shipping cost, what would be the perferred size for me? I will wear a tee shirt only under the 141/118, and will not use the jacket for riding.  What would be the correct model for me, 118 or 618?

Thanks again.

Gail on 08/24/05 at 03:21 PM

Dear Jan, You would still need to order the jacket by your chest size which would be size 36. The 618 or 641 in the steerhide leather may be a better fit for you as they are cut smaller. The #118 & 141 are in Naked leather Cowhide, which means there is no finish on the leather. It has a non-shiney appearance with a softer pliable hand. The # 618 & 641 are in Steerhide leather which has a finish on the leather, a shiney appearance and a stiffer rigid hand. On the styles # 618 & 641 the patterns are the original sizing when this jacket was made 50 years ago and they are a smaller cut. Due to our customer's demands to preserve the original #618 jacket, we have maintained and produce the jacket to the original specifications The #118 & 141 patterns have been adjusted to a more updated fit. On the 618 for a size 36 the sleeve length is 33-1/2", back length is 24". The 118 sleeve and back length is 1" longer than the 618. On the 641 the sleeve length is 33-1/4", back length 25-1/2". The 141 sleeve is 1/2" longer and the back length is the same. Gail

janfong on 08/25/05 at 02:48 AM

Dear Gail, thanks for the informations, seems 641 and 618 are my choices.

For the length of seelves, I think this is measured from the center of the back to the arm, right? if so, I think the measurement from shoulder seam to hem should be 24-25", which is too long for me. I really hope the length can be shorten by 2", can this be adjusted by your side? I am glad to pay the extra charges. Thanks for your help.

Gail on 08/25/05 at 12:49 PM

Dear Jan, The sleeve is measured from the center of the back at the base of the neck, across the shoulder and down the arm. I am sorry but we do not do any alterations on jackets, shortening of the sleeves would have to be done by a professional leather tailor. On both these styles the sleeves have zippers which would involve a more extensive job of shortening the sleeves, as the sleeve & zippers would have to be adjusted to fit after the sleeve is shortened. Gail

janfong on 08/25/05 at 02:49 PM

Thanks Gail, I may consider the smaller size. Can you please advise the measurement from the armpit to armpit of size 34? thanks.

Gail on 08/26/05 at 01:40 PM

Dear Jan, This is not a measurement I have on our spec sheets, as you can not determine the size of a jacket to order based on this type of measuring. The sleeve length on a size 34 would also only be 1/2" shorter than a size 36. When ordering a jacket you must select the size based on your chest measurement. For the 641 & 618 we actually advise our customers to order a size larger as the patterns run small, a jacket in a size 34 would be too small for you, as your chest measures 36, and even a size 36 jacket maybe too snug on you.

Where are you located? If you are in the US you can order the jacket and exchange it if it dose not fit, on international orders we can not accept returns. For all international shipments we want to be sure the customer is ordering the correct size. If you order too small, you can not stretch the jacket to fit, with a larger size you at least have the option to tailor the jacket to fit. Gail

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