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size question

Hi there, Is a 54-B the same as a regular 54? I've been trying on jackets, lately and I find a 3XL seems to fit me best... In your opinion how would a 54-B fit? The jacket is a vintage bomber in mint condition. Here's jpg of the label on the jacket I am considering.. Can you also tell the approx age? thanks Pat


Gail on 04/29/05 at 12:53 PM

Dear Pat, We did offer a Big & Tall line in the mid-1980s, though I can not recall that we actually had size loop labels with the sizing 54-B, we do have the loop labels in just 54 without the "B". Unfortunately, the photo you attached is too small to see the size labels. Is there a size on the USA flag label and then a separate loop label with the letter B on it? The jackets offered in Big sizes were offered I believe up to 62 I believe, with the size 54 being the smallest size in that line. The size 54 was cut on our regular size 54 patterns. We offered this line in motorcycle jackets and A/2 flight jackets which each have different fits. Motorcycle would have a snug fit while the A/2 a looser fit. Unfortunately on a jacket 25 years plus we no longer have the specific pattern specs for sizing. I can only suggest that we recommend you measure your chest from under the arm and slightly puffed out if your chest measures 54" or under the jacket should fit. If the jacket is a motorcycle jacket which tapers in at the waist, then your waist measurement needs to be taken into consideration.

It seems you need the Big sizing, so I would just like to let you know we are introducing a Big & Tall line this year, which we hope to have on our website this fall. Please check our website: periodically as this new line will be posted as they become available with stock to ship.

Regards, Gail

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