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Sid vicious perfecto?

Did he have a Schott perfecto or another company made one and if it's a Schott can you tell me what model and hide?

10Ring on 04/21/11 at 09:27 AM

I can't believe I know the answer to this one, but Sid Vicious wore a Lewis Leathers "Dominator" when he was with the Sex Pistols....don't have a clue what they sounded like!

nyhc396 on 05/11/11 at 11:53 PM

This answer is incorrect if this is a Dominator. Sid Vicious def wore a perfecto or a copy of one made by a diff brand.

10Ring on 05/12/11 at 08:31 AM

Both the link you posted and the Lewis Leathers website state that he wore a Lewis Leathers Dominator.  It was based upon this information that I responded to the question.  I barely remember the Sex Pistols from my youth in the 70's; we thought they were........punks. I remembered reading from the L.L. website, as well as a few other references ( it only stood out for me because I found it funny that someone calling himself "Viscious" would choose a jacket called "The Dominator"), that Viscious wore the Dominator. This makes sense, as he was British and the brand would have been much more readily available to him during that era.

The British Punks were an outgrowth of the Rockers (ton-up motorcycle riders), a group known, as a whole, to prefer
British motorcycles and jackets, Lewis Leathers being at the top of the list in popularity.

Can you offer anything to support you statement


nyhc396 on 05/13/11 at 11:30 AM

Well coming from someone who grew up loving the Sex Pistols, having posters of them on my walls as a teenager, and owning more then a couple Sid Vicious T-shirts in my time, I know for a fact that the Dominator is not the jacket most often associated with Sid Vicious. Digging through some photos I did find one photo of him wearing a studded Dominator. So technically you and Lewis Leathers is not wrong, but as far as what people would typically think of when they ask "What leather jacket did Sid Vicious wear?" they are most likely thinking of this one:

Even in his mug shot after killing Nancy he is wearing a "Perfecto" style jacket.

This is the jacket he is most often pictured in in almost every photo of him in a leather jacket. The only photo I could even find of him in a Dominator was this one and that was after looking hard for it.

Even if you don't believe a life long Sex Pistols fan, just google image search "Sid Vicious" and you will see him in a Perfecto style jacket in nearly every single picture. Im not sure if it is a true Schott or not, but it is most definitely based on the Perfecto. Even in his suicide note, he asks to be buried in his leather jacket, it didn't happen (he was cremated) but the Perfecto is the jacket he wore at that time. It is also the one he wears in the Sex Pistols movie "The Great Rock and Roll Swindle" and during their American tour he wore the Perfecto on stage at every show.

Here's a short clip

10Ring on 05/13/11 at 12:47 PM

So, I guess he started out with a Dominator and then progressed to a better style as time went on. I will defer to your much more intimate knowledge of Mr. Vicious.
Also, we sure could have used a guy like you on our debate team, back in the day!!


SilverSurfer on 05/18/11 at 09:03 AM

Being a punk rocker myself back in the days, I can definitely confirm, that a worn in "Brando-style" leather jacket was the way to go for the British punk movement. And the Schott Perfecto was the ideal choice. They even were readily available in Camden Town. Don't forget the 50's and 60's were the heydey of British motorcycle engineering. Lots of discarded biker jackets to choose from. 

Mh54480 on 01/08/19 at 04:29 PM

So I’m still confused as to whether or not he wore a Schott or not?  Can someone in customer service help out with this question?  

Tribes1 on 01/09/19 at 12:26 AM

As far as I know, It's never been confirmed what brand he wore. Except for the Lewis Leathers.

And just to claify, Lewis was the dominate brand for British punks back in the day. They were cheap and easily obtainable. And don't forget Lewis also made a "Lancer" or "Perfecto style jacket. I also seem to remember reading Sid loved the Ramones, who wore Schott. He might of picked one up when he came to the States. On a side note, there are tons of pics of Joey Ramone also wearing Lewis Leathers. Sorry I couldn't confirm for you! 

But I am firmly in the Schott camp! LOL

Gail on 01/09/19 at 06:49 AM

Unfortunately there is no way anyone can confirm the manufacturer of the jacket. Unless you can actually see the main label you can not confirm by photos. If the jacket has a different visual trim then a Schott jacket then it can be determined it is not a Schott.



Ricardbacker on 01/09/19 at 08:13 AM

I've often read on the internet that he's wearing a 118. No evidence.

adunni66 on 04/01/19 at 12:58 PM

Hello all. I can answer this question fairly definitively, but not completely. Sid’s more famous jacket isn't a perfecto. There is a seam on the back (a yoke, I think) visible in a few photographs that wasn't ever part of the perfecto. My 60's era Montgomery Ward 2-Star and many other Perfecto copies are constructed this way. So, I can tell what it isn't -- but not what it is. Anyway, I noticed this a few years ago when I edited a video from the Winterland concert. You can definitely find a few picture online that show the seam I'm referring to. Hope this helps.

Gail on 04/02/19 at 04:16 PM

Our Perfecto styles all have full backs without seams, this is a standard in the design of our Perfecto. Full one piece backs cost more to make then jackets with seams.


adunni66 on 04/04/19 at 10:38 AM

Hi Gail. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. That was my point: Sid’s jacket couldn’t have been a Perfecto because it had a seam running across the back/shoulders. I don’t know who made it, but I’m 100% sure it wasn’t Schott.

Unrelated: I really like the new (to me) cut of the 118. I bought one at your SF store a few weeks ago. It’s now my favorite jacket.

Fischer on 04/08/19 at 07:17 PM

Here is the back of Sid’s jacket showing the aforementioned seam across the back.

Best Regards


Gail on 04/09/19 at 07:56 AM

This confirms the jacket is not a Perfecto, besides the back yoke seam on this jacket, it is also missing the classic snap on the jacket just below the collar. This snap on the back has become sort of a trademark of a Schott/Perfecto jacket. In the early 1990's we discontinued the optional pile collar for the jackets, so we removed the back collar snap. After 6 months and numerous request from customers requesting the snaps for the collar be added again we did add the snaps. This classic snap on the back had become a trademark to the Perfecto.


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