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Jacket Shrinkage

I just bought a 618 Perfecto on ebay sz. 44 (one size larger that I usually take)....I'm about 6', 190lb. I can hardly get it on w/ a T-shirt underneath. It's only 23" long in the back....23.5" sleeves, WAY too tight & short with your arms extended forward. Now it's all coming back to me, (from 30 yrs. ago when I had a Harley). Schott motorcycle jackets are WAY small! And if your ever caught in the rain (as every biker is) the jackets shrink! A whole size, or more! Come to think about it, thats why punk rocker liked them....the sleeve's don't get in the way of playing guitar! And local people (like Walier Dyer in my area) made a living making motorcycle jackets with long enough sleeve's to actualy ride a bike with. If your a sz.42 and want something that will fit, over the long'll need at least a sz.46 Perfecto. WB

crippe on 01/01/07 at 07:10 AM

Sorry to hear about that 618. Yes the 613/618 are tight fitting jackets (true size) but that gives them a unique look. If you get the right size they almost look tailor made and that's what I like about them. I'm a size 38, 6' tall, 150lb and I wear a size 40 613. I've worn it in the rain many times but it hasn't shrunk, like all leathers it stiffens a bit but that comes out after a while.




kiwidave on 01/01/07 at 11:52 AM

yeah.......if there is one *gripe* i have about Schott jackets it's that i seem to have a hard time finding models that are comfortable in the arm length while in the riding position. The sleeves on my favorite style, the *125* pull back way too much exposing a lot of my wrists when my arms are extended gripping the handlebars. And sadly, the *125* is not one of the few styles offered in a "Long" version. I now ride in a *1928* model which is made more along the lines of a "Long" jacket as far as back length & arm length are concerned. It would be nice to see all jackets available in a "Long" version although i realize it's probaly not feasable as the demand isn't really there to do so. And as for and my *1928* have been through a few rain (& thunder) storms and shrinkage hasn't been a problem....i'm always very careful to let it hang up and dry naturally rather than force dry it with any kind of heat.

WildBill on 01/01/07 at 12:49 PM

My old Schott motorcycle jacket (from 1981) shrunk so much that I couldn't get it on (and feel comfortable) w/ the zip in lining on after a couple years....and it had a special 'lanolin' tanning process. I asked a guy selling a Perfecto sz.44 on ebay today, he says the measurement from the collar stitch to the end of the back is "almost 23""....thats a full inch shorter than it should be, and the same length as the one I bought last week. They DO seem to shrink w/ age! And as far as long sizes go, they are TOO long for me (an average American). You don't want the jacket bunching up in the front, sitting on your bike, and you want it to at least cover your back. We also like to be able to wear something warm underneath our jackets here in New England...I'll have to buy a sz.46 and try it. WB

zxc1974 on 01/01/07 at 03:48 PM

you can always buy those "gauntlet" style gloves that cover your wrists

WildBill on 01/01/07 at 05:08 PM

Ya' I have a pair of gauntlets....I take the extra material on the end of them and twist it tight around my wrist, then slide that into the jacket and then zip up the sleeve's. That gives a nice seal around your wrists. In the summer time I just wear the gloves loose. WB

wolverine on 01/02/07 at 09:24 AM


At 6', 190 you need to find a jacket in a long. 23 1/2" sleeves are more in the area of a short in a size 44.  Crippe could probably help you with the exact history/production but I know Schott made a Perfecto belted style in long sizes(I own a 40Long that is tagged as such).  For me I know that I need at least a 25" sleeve and I'm only 5' 10"...I check e-bay occasionally and have passed on tons of jackets with shorter length sleeves. 

Good Luck!!


kiwidave on 01/02/07 at 12:54 PM

re: the "Gauntlant" solution for *short-sleeves* well yes......I wear gauntlants on the colder days as a failsafe solution to having COLD air run up my sleeves. But for me I don't find them a long term answer to *short sleeves*. Yes.....the gauntlants will cover exposed areas of my arms but I find the "feel" of the sleeves riding-up so high over my wrists very uncomfortable. I'm 6ft., 200lbs. and wear dress shirts with a 17 inch neck & 35 inch sleeve length. So, i don't think i'm of freakishly 'out of the norm' proportions. I have seen Gail inform people on this site that Schott WILL make a jacket to personal specifications. Hmmmmmmmm......a *125* with LONGER sleeves & back (& maybe in horsehide).....i'd better start putting a little $$$$$ aside in my "Schott Fund"

WildBill on 01/02/07 at 02:31 PM

From what I have read, Schott makes most of there traditional style motorcycle jackets to old patterns (1930's etc)....when people were shorter and stubby. And the newer style cafe/neru jackets seem to be about one size larger. Also the riding position has changed over the years. Back then you used to sit higher on the bike (Harley) with your hands your sitting lower on the bike with your hands higher on the handlebars. Therefore your wrists get exposed with your arms at a higher level. Then if your in a cold climate (New England isn't that far?away from NYC!) you may want a down vest 'under' your jacket at times. And bikers always want to look bigger than they are (LOL) so they buy jackets that are a few sizes too big. It's tricky, but you can get a Perfecto that fits the way you want, with a sleeve length long enough, and a baggy look in warm weather. But there are SO many older/used Perfectos with 23" backs (& sleeves) out would think they were a special short size. But Schott doesn't list a short size, so they must be ones that have shrunk over time.

WildBill on 01/02/07 at 03:31 PM

crippie, I see that you wear your Perfecto 2 sizes larger than usual....I now feel that I will need to also. Thanks, WB

WildBill on 01/03/07 at 02:22 PM

crippie, My mistake, I misread your 6' tall for sz 36. There is a new sz 46 Perfecto in ebay today....but you guessed it, 23" long, 23" sleeves! I guess it's going to take a while before I can find a true 24" one? WB

zxc1974 on 01/03/07 at 07:06 PM

I think you could find a 24" sleeve fairly easily. Maybe the ones you've online found so far have shrunk(?). I have 3 Perfectos, 118, 618 and 613, ranging from a size 38 to 32, all with 24" sleeves.

WildBill on 01/04/07 at 01:35 PM

It's not only the sleeves, it the over all length....most I've seen lately on ebay are just 23"! That hardly comes to my waist, standing! Yet Schott never made a 23" 618 or 118. WB

zxc1974 on 01/04/07 at 01:47 PM

you could always sell the one you've got and get a 618L, or hold on to what you've got and just get another Perfecto--oops, I didn't say that :p

WildBill on 01/04/07 at 05:01 PM

That's what I'm trying to do, find a Perfecto that fits, then sell the one I have....but that's turming out to be difficult w/ all these (even sz.46) jackets that are only 23" long on ebay! WB

davidh on 01/28/07 at 03:29 AM

Yes, I agree. I bought a 125,  extra large ( size 46) and it is very tight  in the waist. guess I  should have bought a size xxlarge, but I was refering to the sizing chart on this website.

                                     Live and Learn, I guess...

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