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FS: Never Worn Schott NYC Duke 370 Size:M

Purchased this Schott Perfecto NYC Duke Men's Unlined Rough Out Suede Jacket at the last sample sale but have never worn it so looking to sell. $625 or best offer. Selling from the NYC area. 

Style:370. Size:Medium

Message me / Reply here if interested. 


Attach32881_20190501_1308351.jpg Attach32891_20190501_1310341.jpg Attach32885_20190501_1309181.jpg Attach32884_20190501_1309181.jpg

mrromantic on 05/15/19 at 04:22 PM

Hi there


Any chance you could provide some fit pics of you wearing the jacet and some measurements as well?





mrromantic on 05/21/19 at 04:43 AM


dwha5131 on 05/21/19 at 09:22 PM

Hey sorry with the delay on this. I will measure and take the new pics wearing it tomorrow evening.

dwha5131 on 05/22/19 at 07:55 PM

I'm about 5'11 , 175lbs. Here are two pics of me wearing it. 

When you say meausrements, do you mean the jacket? Or my own?

20190522_1945571.jpg 20190522_1942081.jpg

mrromantic on 05/23/19 at 02:10 AM

Both. Your measurements and the jacket's would be nice!


Also, if you could upload a picture of wearing the jacket while it's zipped up?



mrromantic on 05/26/19 at 05:18 AM

You can also reach me at my e-mail:

dwha5131 on 05/31/19 at 03:00 PM

Hey, I have been away on holiday but can send you these this weekend. 



mrromantic on 06/01/19 at 04:12 AM

Sound great. Thanks! 

dwha5131 on 06/03/19 at 06:49 PM

Here is a pic of it zipped up. In terms of measurements, I wear a 42L suit size.

For the jacket:

Chest: 19 3/4 in

Shoulder: 17 3/8 in

Sleeve Length (Only arm not including neck inseam): 27 in

Back: 23 3/8 in


davidschott on 06/06/19 at 03:01 PM

To any buyers - please note this jacket is marked as an imprefection (see the red through the label) which is why it was sold for a heavily discounted price at our factory sale.  While I do not know what the imprefection is and most likely it is slight, we deemed this item not first quality.



mrromantic on 06/06/19 at 03:40 PM

Thank you, that's good to know! Could you tell me what the flaw is? 

davidschott on 06/06/19 at 04:22 PM

I can't tell from pictures.  Very often it is a slight scratch or different shades of leather.  Most likely it is not a flaw that would be noteable after a few weeks of wear, but I cannot confirm that it is that.    

dwha5131 on 06/06/19 at 04:22 PM

Hi David,

To MRROMANTIC's point, how would I know what the imperfection was?

With other items I purchased at the sample, any imperfections had an attached note/tag stating the imperfection. This item did not have one of those so would I need to consult with a someone at one of your stores to find this out?


davidschott on 06/07/19 at 09:09 AM

You could bring it to a store to see if they find it.  As I mentioned most often it is a very minor issue that renders the jacket to be almost perfect, but we can't sell it as first quality because of even a minor issue.    I would check for coloring, stains or scratches, and ensure all hardware works.  

Gail on 06/08/19 at 07:39 AM

As David has explained, many imperfections on a jacket that is marked as a "Second" are not noticeable, but our inspector has found something on the jacket that makes it not 1st.quality. Sometimes it also can be a minor repair on the lining, possibly replacing a broken zipper or snap. On the photos the cuffs are not snapped, confirm with seller that they do snap. If you have to search that hard to find the imperfection it really is not that noticeable. Just enjoy the jacket and discounted cost. If you want 1st quality and a warrenty on a jacket, then purchase new from a authorized Schott retailer or directly from our website.


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