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Selling: new 125 red lining

a true one ofa kind. Bought it new back in January, steerhide 125 mutant, with burgundy nylon (?) quilt lining. Worn once to work. Asking $500 plus USPS shipping.


reginald on 07/22/19 at 11:39 AM

Size 44, fits a tad slimmer than the regular 125 I knew of from the late 90s & 2000s. Shoulder 18”, sleeves 25.5”, pit to pit 23”. 

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Gail on 07/23/19 at 07:52 AM

The classic style #125 does not have quilt lining, so this is not the style number of this jacket. Our vintage styles 615/115 did have quilt lining but in black not this burgandy/red quilt. Check all the pockets for a white ticket which will have the style number and a barcode. This will confirm the style and the year it was produced and I can provide more info about the jacket for you and potential buyers.


reginald on 07/23/19 at 10:59 AM

Hi Gail, I did search for a ticket, none, but i'll look again.

Gail on 07/23/19 at 01:37 PM

Pocket ticket usually found in the small snap coin pocket or maybe the top breast pocket.


reginald on 07/23/19 at 02:23 PM

Thanks Gail. Will look again. I've had many many Schott jackets and Legedary since 2002. This one for the first time I didn't find a tag.

zyxwv on 07/24/19 at 08:56 PM

Hi - is this available, I sent a message about it but haven't heard back. Thank you 

reginald on 07/24/19 at 10:21 PM

replied to your email jack

Gail on 07/25/19 at 07:53 AM

Update on this style. This was a jacket we made in 2009 based on the style 615. The actual style number for this style was 615i, the "i" representing the Icelandic Cowhide leather used for the jacket. The jacket featured the iridescent Red Rainglow quilt lining. The style was only offered in our line for that one year.


reginald on 07/25/19 at 10:55 AM

Thank you Gail!!! So, I'll correct my listing, it's not steer!

Gail on 07/26/19 at 06:16 AM

Just to clarify Sterhide & Cowhide are the same animal, Steer is male, Cow is female. Of course we do not know if a hide is from a male or female but we use names such a Steerhide, Naked Cowhide, Icelandic, Waxy Cowhide, Vintage Cowhide to describe the type of leather and finish. The Steerhide and Naked Cowhide are Grade A/B leathers which means they are very clean from scaring & tick marks and more expensive. Other types have different finishes to hide markings or are tanned for a type of appearance in a leather, such as a pebbled, vintage, shiny etc. All steerhide/cowhide leathers are very strong and durable leather, but do come in a variety of types.


reginald on 08/07/19 at 09:29 AM


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