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Selling my Schott 626 Black Jacket Size Small

As we all know, Schott NYC makes the best leather jackets in the US. I’m selling my 626 style size Small as I’ve outgrown it sadly, otherwise I would keep it forever.

New, this particular jacket is $900.I personally think this is their best jacket, not too shiny and great fit. I will pay for shipping, so please let me know if you are interested in buying!

If you want the details on the jacket itself, I’m including the description from their website, it’s model 626 VN if you want I search it as well oin the site.


26” length moto style jacket
Chrome tanned, drum dyed, light weight (2.5 – 3 oz.) cowhide leather
Asymmetrical main zipper pattern for added warmth and protection 
Durable nickel plated brass hardware
Snap down lapels, collar and shoulder epaulets No Stars
Custom embossed “SCHOTT” snap faces
Attached belt with buckle closure and snap
Three outside zippered pockets plus small coin flap pocket
Leather trimmed inside chest pocket
100% cotton flannel lining


Cherno86 on 02/26/21 at 12:43 PM

Is this jacket still available? I'm for sure interested if so.

tchad5050 on 02/26/21 at 01:31 PM

Hello, yes it is. Let me know if you have any questions about, I am going to add a bunch of pictures below. 

I am the only owner and I bought it in 2015 from the Schott store in LA. So, it has the usual wear but nothing noticeable? I love this jacket but its just a bit too small for me now (my wife told me to size up when I bought but I didn’t listen, ha.)

Let me know if the pictures are showing up!

IMG_04791.jpeg IMG_04821.jpeg IMG_04861.jpeg IMG_04841.jpeg IMG_04811.jpeg IMG_04831.jpeg IMG_04871.jpeg

Cherno86 on 02/26/21 at 04:16 PM

Looks great, I have the XS and it's just a tad tight in the shoulders and sleeves a little short. So I'm thinking small will be perfect

How much are you asking?

tchad5050 on 02/26/21 at 05:14 PM

Hello, yes, if you had the xs, I'm sure this would fit nicely.( I wish I could trade it for a medium!)

I am asking $350, which seems fair. Let me know if you have any other questions, or if I should post more photos.

Cherno86 on 02/26/21 at 05:38 PM

That's plenty fair, I can PayPal you immediately. What's your PayPal?

2 other questions:

is the right top shoulder all scuffed up? or is that just lighting?

and does the jacket have any weird smells? Cigarette? Anything?


tchad5050 on 02/26/21 at 05:48 PM

No smells in particular, just worn leather. I don't smoke and dont live in a house with smoke or anything like that.

And the shoulder is not scuffed, just worn naturally. I can actually send you more pictures, even a video if you want, it will give you a better idea of what it looks like in person. If you send me your email address, I can send that way and we can arrange payment.



tchad5050 on 02/26/21 at 06:18 PM

Great, thanks, I will email you in the next few hours with some more photos and videos. Feel free to ask anything about the jackets condition.

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