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Sell or Trade - Schott x Hardware Restoration

I have the rare/limited collaboration Small SCHOTT x Hardware Restoration Cafe Racer for SALE ($500) or TRADE for a medium size of the same jacket.  It's in very good condition and I've conditioned it plenty of times so the leather is very supple and soft broken in.

The luxury home goods provider HARDWARE RESTORATION partnered up with Schott to create this jacket.

Details: Top-Top-grain, drum dyed cowhide - Talon Zippers - Snap throat closure - slim fit cut (really slim) - distinctively unlined!



20190907_0905141.jpg 20190907_0905311.jpg 20190907_0905541.jpg 20190907_0906131.jpg 20190907_0908001.jpg

Gail on 09/07/19 at 07:50 AM

For possible sale of the jacket and a member not familiar with this specific style, I would suggest you post a photo. A photo can spark some interest in the jacket.


mmjk84 on 09/07/19 at 09:32 AM

Ticket number


wolverine on 09/22/19 at 10:07 AM

These were nice jackets when they came out about ten years ago.  As I recall offered in black and brown VINTAGED cowhide.  They run a bit small on their tagged sizes.  I had a brown one that was too small that was sold.  The brown leather was very impressive Schott vintaged it and the whole jacket was a nice, uniform matte brown.  I found a black one of these in my size on eBay but after getting it I sold it off.  The leather on the black jacket did not vintage out as well as the brown one.  Areas of the jacket still had the applied finish so it was a combo of matte and a bit of shine.  The feel was also not like the brown leather hard to explain but different and not as good.


I wore the black one with a t shirt and my lower arms got irritated and red after a few hours...keep in mind this is not veg. Tanned leather.  The chrome tanning can irritate your skin due to the strong chemicals used in the tanning process.  But it is these strong chemicals that make this process far superior to veg. Tanning in terms of exposure to water,  heat, most harsh chemicals and general lifespan...yes SCHOTT jackets have a lifespan like the rest of us!!!  READ ON.........


I couldn't help but notice the mention of "conditioned it plenty of times" in the sellers description....this is most likely not a good idea unless the owner wore this jacket on cross country motorbike trips over the last ten years...AKA, wore the sh** out of it....putting ANY type of conditioner on this leather (factory vintaged to naked, full aniline) is a big mistake.  This type of Chrome tanned leather can go 20 years without being conditioned if the jacket is properly stored and cared for ( and even then applying conditioner is going to change the shade and feel of the leather as well as have other negative consequences).  Unless you are subjecting the jacket to very high temperatures this type of chrome tanned leather needs only a light damp cloth every once in a while and a proper drying before storage.  There are other reasons mentioned in previous posts about using leather conditioners along with the pros and cons, it would be a good idea to research this before the use of any products on Schott leathers.

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