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Schott Perfecto saved my skin

This past Saturday AM (March 19), I took my 2003 Kawasaki Z 1000 out for an early spring sortie and managed to find some really fine salt and gravel on a left hand turn (I was going SLOW - 25 or 30 MPH) coming back into my neighborhood. I've been riding a long time and have taken numerous riders courses. Nothing prepared me for the nearly invisible loose gravel and salt on that turn and I experienced what is referred to in motorcycle circles as a "low side" - I dumped the bike on the left side and slid into a curb with my shoulder and helmet. I shredded my Schott Perfecto leather jacket on the left shoulder right down to my shirt, but there was not a mark on my skin! I picked the bike up, rode it home and took a closer look at my Schott Perfecto 118 after my return from the emergency room (nothing broken on me except for my bike). My Schott had all manner of road abrasion and asphalt grind marks on the left upper back and left arm. My asphalt slide ground the snap off the shoulder lanyard and I had a series of holes that went clean through the leather on the upper left part of the back, but I was perfect underneath the Schott. Two things I am very happy about - I was not riding my Harley and I was wearing a Schott Perfecto jacket -it literally saved my skin! Tommy B.

kiwidave on 03/21/05 at 10:30 PM

hey Tommy better the "lowside" than the "high" we're so lucky riding out here in California. No snow & salt to deal with (just the usual, morons yakin' on their cel phones or watching DVD's as they drive {obliviously} in their vehicles) anyway is there anywhere on this site that you could post a pic of your scraped but trusty Perfecto ? you might even get a few offer$ from those who crave the "distressed'" leather look

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