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Schott perfecto 618 from 70's ?


I just find a perfecto on ebay and i want to buy it, but i need more informations if possible.

Pocket ticket is gone sadly and if im right its a 618 from the 70's but im not really sure, the zipper is a Talon

I added pictures to the post, as u can see the leather is scratched, can it be repaired (im french)?


Thx in advance for ur help

164.jpg 249.jpg 343.jpg PART_14948384762811.jpg PART_14948384714201.jpg PART_14948384614211.jpg

Gail on 05/15/17 at 07:53 AM

Based on the Perfecto label with the Bull and the "Schott NYC" at the bottom the jackwt is from the early-mid 1980's. The Perfecto labe with the Bull and "Schott Bros" would be from the 70's.


RotationSensation on 05/15/17 at 08:05 AM

Thx a lot for ur answer

i have another question maybe u can help me.

As u can see im looking for a perfecto 613 or 618(old model), i prefer the 613 cause of the stars, and i found one at my size but a star is gone :(

Is it possible to buy replacement stars from Schott website or official retailer considering im from France? 

Edit: added pictures of the one im talking about, its from early/mid 80's too right?

Thx one more time i highly appreciate ur help.


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mysteryo on 05/16/17 at 04:16 AM

Bonjour, je peux te fournir une étoile pour ton Perfecto.

Contacte moi par mail.



RotationSensation on 05/16/17 at 04:58 AM


C'est vraiment super cool je ne l'ai pas encore en ma possession car j'hesite sur le prix qui est de 400e et ça me semble peut etre un peu cher, qu'en penses tu ?

Cordialement, Nicolas

Gail on 05/16/17 at 06:49 AM

In regards to the second jacket you posted, I cannot see the Perfecto w/Bull label very well. As I mentioned in my previous email if the label has "Schott NYC" it would be from the early to mid-1980's. The Perfecto label w/Bull but has "Schott Bros" would be from the 1970's. This second jacket appears to be in much better condition then the first jacket you posted which needed repairs replacing the pocket zipper and sleeve gusset. 

If you contact Jerri in our customer service she can help you replace the stars that are missing. I have listed her direct email address for you below.



RotationSensation on 05/21/17 at 01:27 PM

Thanks one more time for ur help.

I'll ask u soon about another perfecto I found on site 

I just ordered the schott book, 100 year of an American original, it will help me for sure


Gail on 05/22/17 at 07:42 AM

I am sure you will enjoy our 100th Anniversary book, a lot of great information about the company, jackets and people. Let me know what you think of the book after you recieve and review it.


RotationSensation on 06/12/17 at 10:56 AM

Hey, i received the book and it's really interesting, i started to read it and i'm enjoying it.

I bought 2 new perfecto too, havent received them for now, ordered two days ago, and not at home so i cant check my book.

First is a one star from early/mid 80, i paid 435 euros, i dont think it's a good deal but it is in great condition, 2 first pictures.

Second one, idk if its a one star or a 618 with stars, on size ticket i can see "40 long", what does "long" mean, special model?

If i'm right its a model from early 70, schott bros, talon zipper


Havent received them for now, ordered two days ago

sl1600_116.jpg sl160085.jpg 11098828751.jpg 11098828761.jpg 11098828771.jpg

Gail on 06/13/17 at 07:30 AM

The first 2 photos appears to be a very new style 613. I am basing this on just looking at the sleeve zippers which appear to be a bell shape pull and the very new looking front buckle. This is why you probably paid so much for the jacket. Once you get the jacket we can narrow down the year it was produced by the pocket ticket, Leather Care leather and any markings on the back of the buckle. I do not think this jacket is from the 80's.

The second jacket is a vintage 618L, the "L" represents a long size. A long size would be 2" longer in back length and 1"longer in sleeve length then a jacket in a regular. Based on the "V" ring chain pull zippers this jacket was produced in the late 70's - very early 80's.



RotationSensation on 06/13/17 at 02:17 PM

Thx for ur answer Gail.

There are more pictures and the zipper is a Talon, i don't see any leather care ticket.

I hope i don't paid too much for this jacket :/



sl1600_218.jpg sl1600_58.jpg sl1600_315.jpg sl1600_410.jpg sl1600_73.jpg sl1600_66.jpg

Gail on 06/14/17 at 09:05 AM

Looking at these additional photos, the jacket is a vintage jacket and not a newer jacket that I originally thought based on the firts 2 photos you posted, The buckle still looks very new, possibly the previous owner did some refurbishing on the jacket in replacing it. It also appears this jacket may have new sleeve zippers and has been professionally cleaned as the pockets are very clean for the age of the jacket. Can you send me a photo of the sleeve zipper pull and the White label sewn alongside the Perfecto label at the neck. Is there a name or number on the back of the front buckle.


RotationSensation on 06/20/17 at 06:30 AM


Finally at home, i took pictures of the one star, i dont see anything on the buckle.

The stars look strange, not the same than the 618 i just received too, do u think the previous owner replaced them?

Last picture is a star from the 618 it's a pin's with two clips

20170620_1218151.jpg 20170620_1218341.jpg 20170620_1218441.jpg 20170620_1219061.jpg 20170620_1219011.jpg 20170620_1219531.jpg 20170619_1437591.jpg

Gail on 06/20/17 at 09:28 AM

The stars with the prongs on each point are the stars we use on our jackets. The stars with the pins used for attaching appear to be stars that were added or replaced with similar stars by the previous owner. If you look closely you can see the original outline markings of the original star and the holes made by the prongs.


RotationSensation on 06/21/17 at 10:30 AM

Ur right i checked closely and i saw the marks, thx u :)

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