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Sold Perfecto 618 $275 shipped (vtg '85-'91) 42

I have a Schott Perfecto 618, size 42 in beautiful condition for sale. The jacket was made between '85-'91 (please see link below, for additional pics and details about the jacket).

Measurements are taken while jacket is laying flat and as accurate as possible.

Shoulder to shoulder: 18"

Pit to pit: 22"

From under collar to bottom hem: 25.5"

Shoulder to sleeve cuff: 25"

Across bottom hem at waist: 20.5"


I am asking $275 shipped within the continental U.S., i am open to best offers as well. Give it a you have any questions or need specific details or photos just ask. Thanks

 Additional details and a few pictures can be seen here:



doobidoo on 12/03/15 at 05:36 PM

Another picture


koolkerney on 12/06/15 at 02:58 PM

Hi, is this still available and would you be willing to ship to Canada with the adjusted cost?

doobidoo on 12/06/15 at 03:21 PM

The jacket is still available, email sent to you. Let me know if you don't receive it, thanks.

koolkerney on 12/06/15 at 03:55 PM

doobidoo wrote:

The jacket is still available, email sent to you. Let me know if you don't receive it, thanks.

Thanks for the speedy reply! Received an e-mail from the forum regarding your reply but no other e-mail. Might be a bit slower. If you want you can email directly at

doobidoo on 12/06/15 at 11:14 PM

I sent you an email directly, thanks

Still available for a reasonable offer.

doobidoo on 02/02/16 at 11:57 AM

Updated price, $275 shipped.

treeman on 02/05/16 at 09:51 PM

doobidoo wrote:

Updated price, $275 shipped.

That's a good price. Got any other pics such as the back and some close ups ?


doobidoo on 02/05/16 at 10:34 PM

Sure, here you go, If you would like more or specific pics, let me know, thanks.

20151029_1421341.jpg 20151029_1428022.jpg

doobidoo on 02/07/16 at 12:50 PM

Here is another


doobidoo on 02/09/16 at 04:05 PM

Accepting offers, thanks.

CarlosDanger on 02/11/16 at 05:26 PM

Still Available?

CarlosDanger on 02/11/16 at 05:30 PM

Still Available?

doobidoo on 02/11/16 at 06:00 PM

Thank you for your interest, yes, still available, email sent.

bobcat on 02/23/16 at 12:48 PM

Hello Doobidoo, is the jacket still available? It's a great jacket! Dirk

doobidoo on 02/23/16 at 02:40 PM

Hey Dirk, thanks, yes still available.

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