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Schott Perfecto 618 - Fit and other questions.

I am interested in buying a 618HH Horsehide jacket but I’m concerned about the fit based on the vintage 618 steerhide jacket I already own. It is size 48, with the motorcycle rider on the label. The label in the cigarette lighter pocket (see attached photo) has no bar code and reads: “2137  035” over the model “618” and the size “48”.  The main zipper is “YKK” and the sleeve zippers say, “IDEAL”, spelled out vertically on the pulls. The back of the belt buckle says, “CENTURY  CANADA” and “55272”. Can you tell me approximately how old this jacket is? Also, it has the snaps for the fur collar; but what size collar would it take?

As for fit, I normally wear a size 46 or XL suit or leather jacket, at 6’0” and 210 pounds with a 46” chest, no belly, and a weightlifter’s build. Your size selector recommends I would need a size 48 in a new 618 for a “Standard” fit. This jacket barely fits well enough in the chest, arms and shoulders for motorcycle riding, and it’s almost too short in the body. I’m not interested in looking like a hipster fashionista with a man-bun and skinny jeans who borrowed his little sister’s jacket, but I don’t want it any larger than necessary, either.

If I were to order a new 618HH, would the current size 48 fit the same as the one I have now? I understand there is an extra inch in body length that you say was added in 2012. I also see you make reference to the newer models of some jackets having an “updated” fit but there’s no clear explanation of what that means. From context it seems like “updated” means “enlarged” in some way. Can you tell me how? Thanks. I really enjoy this forum. 


richgreene on 12/20/18 at 01:37 PM

The new 618HH’s also have the skinny-boy cut to them too. I know - I bought one And although they’re  okay, the sleeve cut is real narrow. These don’t hold a candle to the Legenday Black Stallion that I own. I’m gonna put it on eBay after the Christmas rush. (the hide is thinner too)

Gail on 12/21/18 at 11:47 AM

The 618HH is a slim fitting jacket, narrower sleeves and body fit then the 618. If you have a athletic build you really need to try on jackets to assure you have enough room in the chest/shoulder and arm width. The "updated fit" is more to the "fashion fit" of a motorcycle jacket. The jacket you now have was produced between 1984-1992 based on the lot # on the ticket and no barcode. Because the jacket you have is approximately 35 years old it is probably very broken in and forgiving with a nice fit, the new horsehide jacket will not be as forgiving as it will be firm and stiff until well broken-in ina few years.

After the holidays you can email Denise for the measurement specs of the 618 & the 618HH so you can compare the sizing of the 2 jackets.



TS111 on 12/21/18 at 12:49 PM

Thank you, Gail. I really enjoy this forum and I appreciate your time and knowledge.  

TS111 on 12/22/18 at 08:15 PM

One more thing: though this old 618 is still in great shape, the bi-swing back panels are always open and spread out, especially on the left side where it stays open all the time. This can be seen in the attached photo.  Did I read elsewhere on this forum that this can be remedied by sending the jacket in to Schott for repairs?

Thanks again. 

The bi-swing back panels stay open, especially on the left where it’s permanent.

Gail on 12/24/18 at 06:38 AM

The Bi-Swing back is control by elastic across the back, expanding when arms are stretch out and relaxing when arms by your side. With age elastic looses it elasticity and can be replaced in our repair department. At this time we are not taking in any new repairs until mid-January as this is the busiest time in our factory and they just cannot do repairs. In mid-January you can contact Jerri in our customer service as she handles all repairs. She can provide a cost and shipping instructions. I have listed her direct email below.



TS111 on 12/24/18 at 11:02 AM

Thanks. Gail. I can wait a few more weeks. Enjoy your holidays. 

vomare1565 on 02/17/21 at 04:49 AM

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TS111 on 02/17/21 at 09:31 AM

Yes, Gail, I second the sentiment. Thank you for all you do. We know your are "retired" and do this mostly because you enjoy it. You are appreciated. 

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