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Schott in the UK

Here in the UK we recognize the quality of Schott leathers, trouble is we cant buy anything thats in your store locally. Instead we have our own range of Schott jackets, easily identified by the prefix 'LC' before the style number, Last year I bought a LC100, then last week a LC6101. You guys would love them, as we do yours.

Stores tend to stock a limited number of styles, maybe a dozen, but I feel theres more. Does anyone know where the on the web the full range of UK jackets can be viewed?

Not sure where the 'LC' jackets are made either. Nothing inside garment to identify, any ideas?

rijo12 on 11/27/09 at 04:41 AM

Must stay out of the Schott store, tried on a LC1112, couldn't take it off so thats another one for the collection.

LC1112 looks like a 689H except its cowhide with shirt sleeve style cuffs, cost £175, which is around $290

Artic on 11/28/09 at 11:04 AM

Which UK stockist stocks the 689 type?

The ones I've seen (with the L prefix) don't really look nor feel like proper Schott jackets.   Maybe I just associate Schott with a more American style so the large numbers of Schotts in the UK with the funny labels (not the original USA style label) just makes me think they're made by someone else with lesser panache.

If you look at the jacket side cuffs of the LC100, you'll see that they are thinner and less styled than the USA version.   The good thing about the LC range is that they are reasonably priced for the UK, and is far less hassle than importing from the States.

Apart from that, I guess anyone looking at the Schott jackets available in the UK has a decent selection, but just somehow seem to lack that Schott 'mystique'.

rijo12 on 11/28/09 at 03:31 PM

TK Maxx have them, look for style LC1112, available in black or brown for £175.

Label identical to US jackets, except it lacks  'Made in USA'

Although it looks like a 689 its a lighter weight jacket,

Hope this info helps.

Artic on 11/29/09 at 07:50 AM

Thanks for that.  Wow ~ I'd never have thought that TK Maxx were upmarket enough to a) stock Schott jackets b) anything other than womens' underwear....

Yeah - I've seen the 689 elsewhere in the UK and it isn't the same as the USA grade leather.  It made me think it was just a Schott rip-off, when it was actually a UK Schott.   The American naked cowhide and steerhides seem to have the edge over the UK designs.  When it comes to horsehide ... well I've still never found a Schott stockist that does the 689H here.

Have you seen the range on the site?  75% of those jackets on that site don't seem to exist in the UK either ...

johntmorgan67 on 12/02/09 at 03:34 PM

Ok Thanks, this helps me with my mystifying difference between the Skipper pea coat and the 32OZ melton Pea coat with different labels and materials... UK Merchandise obviously not of the same quality/Standard of that of The original USA Schott.....


Artic on 12/02/09 at 05:29 PM

Hey John ~  I didn't mean to give the impression that all UK/Europe Schott stuff is inferior to the original USA Schott stuff!!

I think part of it is my own bias: I prefer the USA Schott stuff and have 2 original USA Schott jackets.  I had never previously bought a UK Schott because the quality of the jackets just wasn't quite there.

Having said that, there is a fantastic range of UK/Europe Schott jackets out there and some are clearly better made than others.  The current UK/Europe range is actually very interesting - some new stuff out in lambskin, as well as coloured leathers.   The quality leather UK/Europe Schotts -  sell for around US$500 equivalent and any other kind of UK/European Schott - well I think it's down to personal preference and taste, rather than UK/European Schott stuff being 'inferior' to the USA stuff.  Some of the UK/Europe Schott stuff is designed for high street retail markets, so it fits within the budgets of the target group.   

The Peacoats are manufactured regionally and so there are minor variations in fabric content/design.  There seem to be Schott USA Peacoats,  Schott Canadian Peacoats and UK/Europe Peacoats to contend with on the market!   In the old days before internet was widely used, I guess we didn't know any better.   Now, we're kind of spoilt for choice...



rijo12 on 12/03/09 at 12:05 PM

As mentioned above TKMaxx stock around 10 different styles of the LC series (UK) leather jackets.These are randomly placed on rails amongst hundreds of other jackets by other manufacturers. When working ones way along the rail the Schotts stand out a mile, by far the best styles and quality.

That said, if I were ever in a bike crash I'd rather be in my US made 141.

I feel the 'LC's complement rather than compete with their US made cousins, after all there's nothing wrong with having more than one jacket.

rijo12 on 12/04/09 at 07:16 AM

Quick...........get down to TKMaxx, they've just moved all their leather jackets including the Schotts into the red label clearance zone.

All the 'LC' series jackets now £130 a go,  thats around $200

The LC1112 I bought last week still had all the tags on so I've just taken it back & re-bought it at the lower price.

Artic on 12/04/09 at 09:01 AM

"If I were ever in a bike crash I'd rather be in my US made 141"

Lol.  Been in a few of those.....

Which TK Maxx are you referring to?  It sounds like it's a great place if you're looking for a bargain. Seen anything like the LC8102 there?  Now that would be worthwhile picking up!





rijo12 on 12/04/09 at 11:07 AM

Above Bar Street Southampton is my local TKMaxx.

Didn't see LC8101, but they have got LC9101 which is a baseball style jacket.

Artic on 12/04/09 at 01:48 PM


There are millions of TK Maxx's all across the country and they don't even have a decent internet website!

Thing is, I'm always very picky about the jackets I buy and tend to home in to a single type, rather than just picking up every other Schott branded jacket.  That way I'd have way too many to use.

Going on about the difference in materials in USA vs UK Schott, I think I'm getting used to the idea that in the UK, Schott is marketed for a predominantly non motorcycling clientele and crosses somewhere into 'biker fashion' and 'modern fashion'.    My only Euro Schott has a glorious 'Schott Perfecto New York Since 1913' emblazened across the inside of the jacket (I wouldn't have it any other way...) and is made from the softest lamb skin material I've ever felt.  Definitely not a motorcycling jacket, but it sure looks like one.   The seam stitching is first class and there isn't a single stitch out of place.  I'm amazed at how refined the jacket is - it feels softer than a Lewis Leathers' jacket and looks just as exquisite.   I've been trying the metal poppers to see if they fall off like the Lewis Leathers stuff and they haven't.  What's really sweet about the jacket is the detailing of the pockets hidden inside the jacket with 2 zipped breast pockets (inside), and a metal studded smaller pocket (? mobile phone) as well as the 5 pockets on the outside, making 8 pockets.   it's definitely more of a casual wearing jacket and less rugged than the naked cowhide of the Schott Perfecto, but the refined choice of materials really makes special enough it'd pass for a Balmain.  Lol. 



rijo12 on 12/04/09 at 02:45 PM

Yeah, I think you've got it right there, Schott UK jackets are smart street wear but not bike quality.

I came off a few years ago, broken arm, broken teeth, but the Marlboro jacket I was wearing was virtually unmarked.

Also agree TKMaxx site is useless, think the reason is their stock is fast moving & a lot of items are one offs, as fast as they list it online someone will buy it instore.

Have you ever found a site where all the Schott LC jackets can be viewed?

Artic on 12/04/09 at 03:32 PM

Anytime I've crashed, it's always been on the racing track or being shunted in the city or hitting a diesel spill. It's the CE crash protectors that make the difference; I guess on a dry day, the abrasion would really test the leather. The time I slid about 50 metres before slowing to a halt, the ripstop nylon of my wet proofs was the only external damage; all the rest was down to the CE protectors = all cracked or split down the side I went sliding in. This is why I think it'd be fantastic if Schott started trialling a new CE protection proof Schott jacket!

I've cracked about 4 crash protectors in the hips/knees/back/elbow. Kind of grim thinking about what it would've been like in a jacket without I guess it's a combo of both the leather abrasion resistance, as well as a suitable friction prevention layer (like kevlar) underneath, to prevent friction burns, then the crash protectors inside.

Sounds like you had a bad one. Good to hear you made it through okay. Full face helmet or open helmet with a Marlboro sticking out? :)

The Spanish/Euro Schott site probably has the most comprehensive (visual) guide to the current range of UK/Euro Schotts. Btw - a lot of the Euro Schotts are only available to the UK via import:

Just click on Coleccion Hombre >> Cazadoras cuero

Not as cheap as TK Maxx! But at least I don't have to be as quick on my toes to snap something up there. And kinda bad that they photograph them all so well - it makes it very tempting to go into consumer overdrive!

There are a few French retailers too. Most have seasonal stock, so it can be a bit frustrating.

I've worked out the Euro/UK Schott approximate sizes (I think). Don't sue me if you buy a jacket according to this sizing and it's all wrong though! This is what happens when you spend too long in France and too many Schott stores everywhere!


Euro.UK Schott "S" = UK 37-38 = Schott USA 40

Euro.UK Schott "M" = UK 39-40 = Schott USA 42

Euro.UK Schott "L" = UK 42-43 = Schott USA 44

Euro.UK Schott "XL"= UK 44-45 = Schott USA 46

My guess is, that XXL and XXXL will be incremental too, but those sizes don't interest :)


cammelion on 12/04/09 at 03:48 PM is true!! The European Schott Jackets are smaller in size than the US ranges of the almost same jackets!!? It is not only Schott, almost all other brands which have European Factories produce in smaller sizes than the US. Here is a few exapmple: Carhartt, Levi's, Alpha Industries.....

Artic on 12/04/09 at 04:12 PM

Cammelion ~ I think Schott USA have explained that their original and new / current Schott jackets were cut according to the original templates over 70+ years ago. So the sizes have since 'grown', possibly due to more hormones in beef and chicken meat in the world, and so everything else looks 'bigger' compared to the older (smaller) Schott template sizing.

I'm quite happy with Schott USA's sizing - this was very easy to work out without trying a Schott USA jacket on, because of the wealth of information that a forum blog like this provides. It's not like say, Vanson, which is a complete enigma to me.

Try any other manufacturer....and it's completely hit and miss!!

Back to Euro/UK Schott ~ I wonder how many of our American cousins have seen this one:

This one is made for La Redoute, the French market chain. Sells for 260Euro You can see the large Schott emblem embroidered inside the jacket (gotta love these loud and subtle designs) and the small embossed Schott logo on the outside of the jacket. European through and through!

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