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Schott flagship shop for London

Here in England there are maybe 30 dealers across the country. But they tend to stock only a very limited range of Schott jackets. Also they tend to only stock LC jackets. LC to me means "low cost" These are jackets made in China for the European market. They are OK but inferior to the real deal stuff you get in the States. One exception to this is the iconic 740 navy wool pea coat. There are only 3 dealers in London namely House of Leather (Wood Green), Silvermans (Mile End) and Stuart of London (Shepherds Bush) that are carrying the Made In US Schott stuff. Of course, it possible for me to get any style number over the internet. But I need to try on a leather jacket to know if it right for me. What I am asking is you Schott to consider opening up a store in London like the ones in Japan. In fact I have noticed that Selfridges are once stocking Alpha Industries. Just imagine a large co-branded shop with all the Schott leather A-2s, G-1s B-15, varsity jackets, cafe racers, perfectos and pea coats and the Alpha N3-Bs, N2-Bs, MA-1s, CWU-45s, M-65s etc. If such a shop existed I know where I would want to spend my weekends (and all my spare cash).

jackhurrell on 02/12/13 at 09:22 PM

I agree! For years I have been dying to own my own perfecto that fits me perfectly that I could choose, but there is no way I can do that without either having very little choice or going to America. I don't feel comfortable buying it online, as I believe my jacket will find me when I walk in the shop, it's weird I know but I like to be sure, I want a store to visit so I can do it properly and be satisfied that I made the right choice. Schott... We beg you! Please open an official store over here across the pond! It's what Brando would have wanted! Maybe... If he was cool...

JamesFoster on 02/13/13 at 08:06 PM

Jack I'm into flight jackets rather than motorcycle jackets. But I have done some research on Schott NYC availability. The two classic perfecto biker jackets are the 118 (cowhide) and 618 (horsehide). The classic colour is black. You can get the 118 at Stuarts of London in Shepherds Bush. And you can get the 618 (which I've tried on) at Silvermans in Mile End. Also although they are both short the 118 is 25 inches from collar to hem and the 618 is 24 inches. As for sizing lets assume you are a size 40. Schott advise you to go for a 40 in the 118 and a 42 in the 618 (ie you should size up). There are L versions of these jackets which are 2 inches longer. But there are not available in England afaik other than importing them.

Gail on 02/15/13 at 07:37 AM

We do have distributors internationally, a list of which you can find under the "Contact" option, then click onto the Store Locator which has the international distributors listed. They work as we do in the US they sell to retailers in their countries, just as we sell to retailers in the US. We do not own any "Schott" retail stores we only sell our styles directly to customers on our website. We do undersatnd it is hard to order a jacket without trying it on, but we do assist you with help with sizing if needed. You can contact our customer service under the "Contact" option or you can email me. Please note some of our jackets are imported styles, they will be noted as such under the style. Gail


MetalA on 03/29/13 at 07:37 AM

I cannot emphasise this strongly enough. I have been wearing schott since I was 18 and all I have been able to buy are second hand 118's in black. I would kill for some of the biker styles they have in Japan. By the way Gail, I have contacted the UK distributor who has not replied to me on any occasion.

Gail on 04/01/13 at 03:14 PM

In regards to your attempt to contact our distributor in the UK, I have emailed him directly on the matter. I requested he provide me a direct contact in customer you can contact. Gail

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