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Schott AT101

Hello everyone

I have some question regarding this schott jacket that i found while looking out for used schott jacket and i found this jacket

The seller listed it as Schott AT101. It doesn't have the original removable fur lining (the seller said that he lost it) so he sell it at a fairly cheap price.

Now, i am aware that from the schott forum that i found while searching information about this jacket is that the schott AT101 model were distributed in japan and japan market only.

My question is that can you help me to identify wether this jacket authentic or not?

And if so, what year were this jacket produced?

I'll leave some of the picture given out by the seller so anyone can take a closer look at the jacket (i whited out some of the seller card to preserve his anonymity)

I hope someone will reply to this post and help me out ??

20190312_1853591.jpg 20190312_1900531.jpg 20190312_1901191.jpg 20190312_1902091.jpg 20190312_1922181.jpg

Gail on 03/13/19 at 01:02 PM

The style AT101 was a special make-up for our Japanses distributor. Based on the pocket ticket not having a barcode we know the jacket was made prior to 1993. We used this Schott logo lining in our jackets from the mid-80"s to the mid-90's, which narrows down the years from 1985-1992. Based on the Schott "USA" type front zipper pull I believe it was produced in the late 80's.


Noahoscar986 on 03/20/19 at 02:46 AM

I dont think so it's an authentic jacket. Its condition is not much good.

Gail on 03/20/19 at 07:48 AM

The jacket is absolutely authentic, please see my post above. I have worked for Schott since 1981 and I can confirm we made this style for our Japanese distributor. When this jackwt was made I purchased the materials and scheduled the production for this style. This jacket is also in very good condition for being approximately 30 years old. The jacket is not faded, there are no rips and appears all zippers are in working order. The jacket is missing the zip-it liner which can be replaced by Schott if the owner decides to replace it. The jacket does appear to be wrinkled from being stored, most like is a small box that was too small causing the leather to become wrinkled.


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