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Schott 628H?

Hello  to all,

I just bought the jacket shown on the photos below, this is a Schott 628H jacket, can you please tell me what kind of leather is this?,  how many pieces did you produce and the aprox date it was produced?...and also,  I will like to know if you guys will produce more of this jackets in the future?,  I want to buy a couple more.



IMG_20911.jpg IMG_20981.jpg IMG_21001.jpg

Gail on 12/10/12 at 02:30 PM

This appears to be our 75th. Anniversary jacket. In the pocket is a white ticket with the style number as the horsehide style was 628HV1 we also did the jacket in the 1928, I need the actual style number to provide the correct information for the jacket, the style number will be on this ticket. If you also send me the bar code on the ticket I can then confirm the date.

IvanSaijas on 12/10/12 at 04:04 PM


This jacket have only 3 pockets, one inside the jacket and two in the D shape part of the jacket, the one with zipper the one snap on, I did not found any white ticket inside any of these 3 pockets. The only tags I found in the jacket you can find the pictures below I also added more pictures.

Here are also some of the features on the Jacket:Features :
Front zip "D" pocket
one inside pocket
all nickel RIRI zippers.
Plain back ( no bi-swing back )
100 % grey cotton lining.



DSCN4551.jpg DSCN4552.jpg DSCN4553.jpg IMG_20941.jpg IMG_20991.jpg

Gail on 12/11/12 at 08:59 AM

I am real sorry, but since this ticket seems to have been removed I cannot tell you much more about the jacket, except it is the 1928 Anniversary jacket we made. The ticket should have been in the small patch pocket on the D-pocket.

wolverine on 12/11/12 at 12:34 PM

This is the model 628V1. I have it in sizes M, L, and can tell this by the Riri zips and Arrow Cleaners tag. The 75th anniversary edition was a close to exact reproduction of the legendary model 1928h. This model came with Talon zips, a black wool lining, a button closure at the neck instead of the snap on the 628V1 and the older hh that Schott used when they put the Leathercraft Cleaning tag in all of their leather jackets. I do not think that Schott made that many of these...maybe about 100 total pieces. Gail, can you please check your records. I think Schott made these about 3 years ago. Wolverine

IvanSaijas on 12/11/12 at 02:01 PM

Thank you, for your comments Wolverine really helped me.

I tought mine was probably a fake jacket because it doesnt have the white ticket inside the pocket, and also because the 628HV1 it is a vintaged HH leather jacket the V1 means vintaged leather, and mine is not vintaged so in the case that it is authentic this one should be probably only 628H.

Gail on 12/11/12 at 03:05 PM

The non-vintage horsehide in this style was style 628FLA, we also made a special production lot of the jacket for our distributor in Spain which had the style number MBLE. Gail

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