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Help with info on Schott 565 ESP

HI!  Hoping someone can help me.  A seller on ebay has a Schott 565 cafe racer for sale in a Medium.  Great looking jacket and measurements seem closer to a large.  First time I've heard of this model and when I googled it, a couple of online shops in Japan have them for sale for a "limited time."  as in they have them for sale until Thursday I believe.  Every silnge seller only has MEDIUM for sale.  I've contacted all the shops inquiring about a large or XL, but no response.  Does anyone know if these were made in different sizes?  I know it's a strange question, but the online retailers leterally just started selling them yesterday I believe, and NONE of them have any size except MEDIUM listed.  Thank you for any help!


Gail on 06/19/17 at 12:51 PM

This is our style P665, I am not sure why the jacket on Ebay is listed as style 565. On Ebay many of our jackets are posted after our annual factory sale where old stock, samples, seconds and discontinued styles are sold, only to show up on Ebay for resale. You did mention Japan and we do make special production jackets for them or they do have styles made by other factories of jackets they feel will sell well for them. The Japanese are very into vintage styles and this particular style is a styled on a similar style we offered in our line in the 60's & 70's. If all the jackets you have found are in the size Medium, it may be they are all from a production lot of samples that were made. I have checked and we currently have this style P665 in production and will be posted on our website when the production is completed.


Brucekent on 06/19/17 at 01:11 PM

Thank you for the reply!  I guess I'll wait till they get posted!  I did finally get a reply from a seller in Japan and he stated that only mediums were made and he is not sure about "restock"  I included photos of the tag and label.  It's a great looking jacket, just need more length!

IMG_38381.PNG IMG_38391.PNG

Gail on 06/20/17 at 09:17 AM

Based on the hangtag and pocket ticket, with the first 4 digits being 0734 confirms this was a sample jacket. The leather was a Grained Cowhide and the color would be Espresso represented by the ESP. This also confirms why there are only size mediums as the samples were only made in this size. Based on the 5th digit being a "5" this would represent the year 2015. It appears that while samples were made production of the jackets in all sizes were not. The factory has informed me the style P665 is in production, but it is being made as a Limited Edition jacket using the Horween heavy Steerhide leather with 100% Wool Herringbone lining. The P665 will have a back length of 26" and in our Perfecto Brand Ltd. Edition jackets production is usually between 50-75 pieces. Because these Perfecto Brand jackets are limited pieces and the higher cost of the Horween leather and wool lining, the jacket will retail around $1100.

You may want to check out our style #530 which is very simliar to this 565 style. The jacket is a natural grain cowhide and cotton lining with only the one breast pocket. It has a back length of 26" and retails on our website for $820. You noted the 565 could be longer, if you are over 6' you probbaly need a "Long" size in a jacket. The closest similar style we offer in a "Long" size would be the Naked Cowhide leather style #141L.


Brucekent on 07/05/17 at 02:41 PM

I found some detailed pictures of the P665 online and THAT IS THE JACKET I have been waiting for!  EXACTLY what I was looking for.  Same look as the Restoration hardware minus the seam down the back.  Now I just need to know when to look out for it so I don't miss out and what size to get? I am 6 feet 2 inches tall and wear a 42 Long in a suit.  Ideally  I would love 27 inches from shoulder seam to end of cuff.  Is there anywhere I can find detailed measurements?  Or could I order two sizes and return the one that doesn't fit  Only reason I ask is the limit amount that would available.  Would hate to order a size only to find out the one that fit is now sold out!  

Ramonesome on 07/05/17 at 07:48 PM

I found some pictures of the new styles as well, that P665 is gorgeous. Reminds me of the Schott / Bathing Ape cafe racer but in a nicer leather. Glad to see some of the simpler designs that Schott produces for other markets (like the stripped motos for UO) coming to the home brand. I'd rather buy from Schott directly.  

Gail on 07/06/17 at 08:19 AM

Hi Bruce,

Being 6' 2" you do need that added length and we can send you the measurement specs for this jacket. I have listed Denise and Jerri's direct email address below for you to contact and request the specs for the P665. The jacket being a motorcycle style does provide a longer sleeve then a casual wear jacket style. You can definitely order two different sizes and return one after trying and selecting the best fit jacket. We only require the hantags are not removed on the return jacket.


Email:   -


Brucekent on 07/06/17 at 11:29 AM

Great, THank you!  I will contact them and keep a lookout for when it appears for sale!

Gail on 07/07/17 at 07:23 AM

Bruce, I just want to let you know our "Perfecto Brand" label jackets such as the P665 are all limited edition jackets. We only produce under 100 pieces which includes all sizing and then the style is discontinued. It is always possible that in time they will offer the style in our regular line under the classic "Perfecto Schott" label but it may not be offered again also or in the same Horween leather, as this is a much more expensive type of leather.


Brucekent on 07/07/17 at 12:00 PM

Thanks for the info.  I wasn't sure if it meant 100 or so in EACH size or 100 or so TOTAL.  That's why I wanted to order both sizes quickly becuase I was afraid that if I ordered a LARGE and it was too short by the time I returned it for an exchange is sizes, they would be sold out.  I contacted the emails you provided and Denise has been very helpful with information!  As it gets closer to when the jacket is offered I am going to attempted to put in an order for a large with added sleeve length through the custom orders department.  Hopefully this will be possible.  If not ,I will go with my original plan of getting two and returning the one that doesnt fit.  Thank you again for all your help!!!!  REALLY excited about this release!

Gail on 07/08/17 at 05:48 AM

Sorry if I was not clear, this limited edition lot being made will be a combine total of all sizes of 100 pcs or less. A custom jacket in this style would have nothing to do with this production lot as all custom jackets are made in our design department and on an individual basis. I would suggest when this style is available for ordering as you suggested order the two sizes to see what is a good fit for you. Once you try on both sizes and determine what is the best size fit, but too short, then you can order the custom jacket with the longer length in the correct chest size. All Custom jackets are more expensive then the production lot jackets as the jacket is made especially for you in our design department by our designer. Possibly you can check with Jerri who handles all our custom orders what the cost would be in a different type of leather as the Horween leather is higher in cost.


Brucekent on 07/08/17 at 11:50 AM

Excellent!  That sounds like a plan.  Thank you again for all your help.  Looking forward to getting this jacket when released!

ntenazas on 07/21/17 at 01:34 AM

Hi Gail, just wondering whether the leather for the 565 is full grain, genuine, or just leatherette? Thanks!

Gail on 07/21/17 at 07:42 AM

All our jackets are full grain genuine leather, not even sure what you mean by leatherette. We offer several types of leather in our different styles with different weights in the leather for our customers looking for either a heavier or lighter weight jackets.


ntenazas on 07/21/17 at 09:32 AM

Hi, genuine leather usually means it isn't full-grain leather. Because genuine leather is blended scraps of leather that is made into a material that looks like full-grain leather. I'm not being meticulous here. I just want to know if the leather you are using comes from a single piece of cowhide. If that's the case then that's perfect because that is what i'm looking for. Thanks!

Gail on 07/22/17 at 08:19 AM


I am not sure where you are getting your definition of genuine leather but your definition is incorrect. Genuine leather is Genuine leather and there is no way you can blend leather scrapes together to make leather. Leather is from animals and is not a man-made material such as a polycotton which would be a blend of polyester and cotton. I have seen scrapes of leather sewn together which produces a patch like appearance to make items and while this leather is inexpensive because it is scrapes, it would still have a content of genuine leather, because the scrapes that are sewn together is still genuine leather. There is also materials that are made to appear to be leather but are not, but this must be disclosed on the content label. If the content label on any item has Genuine Leather then the item is genuine leather

Schott jackets are not made from scrapes, they are all cut from full hides and just to confirm genuine leather does not mean it is not a full grain or top grain leather.


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