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For Sale Schott x 3sixteen Good Art Hlywd naked cowhide Perfecto large $1,000 plus shipping


Like New. Only been tried on. Price is firm. UNLESS you pick it up locally in King County, WA area.

I would probably trade for a Medium I really good condition.

Comes with tag, hanger, good art certificate.


Manufacturer's Description

Our first collaboration with iconic outerwear manufacturer Schott NYC comes in the form of a custom Perfecto leather jacket. The jacket is built off their popular 519 fit, a modernized version of the original Perfecto designed by Irving Schott in 1928. The leather is a beautiful naked cowhide that has been given no topcoats to allow the natural hand of the leather to shine. Lastly, we brought in Good Art HLYWD to craft a custom .925 sterling silver "snap cap" to be applied to the back of the jacket. Limited to 100 units. Made in USA.


Premium domestic naked cowhide leather
Schott 519 Perfecto fit
Matte black zippers and snaps
100% cotton selvedge chambray lining woven in Japan
Custom leather patch
Inner waist pocket
Sterling silver snap custom made by Good Art HLYWD
Made in USA

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HotSchott on 07/30/19 at 12:50 AM


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HotSchott on 08/03/19 at 01:40 AM


Gail on 08/03/19 at 08:00 AM

I have read your original post for selling this jacket and your bumps to the post to keep refreshing each day, so it appears you would like a quick sale. To be perfectly honest while the jacket is a special production and a limited production, most buyers on the forum are not willing to pay $1000 for a used jacket even if it is a limited edition, they will usually buy new first. I have seen jackets valued at this amount but they are very rare and old vintage styles. Most buyers if they are investing $1000 in a jacket they want a warranty on the jacket from Schott, once a jacket is resold the warranty is no longe valid. I understand the value the jacket has for you, but it is hard to find someone who is familiar with the jacket and the value you have put on it. I never post on values of jackets even the old vintage ones, but since I saw your bumps and have had no replies or inquiries, I though I would post my views on why there is no interest in the jacket. I wish you luck in finding a buyer and if not then wear the jacket and enjoy it.


HotSchott on 08/03/19 at 01:09 PM

This jacket is new in the sense that it has only been tried on. They don’t have to but it if they don’t want it. Warranty? It’s not a blender. Thanks.

HotSchott on 08/03/19 at 01:09 PM


breck81 on 08/03/19 at 08:22 PM

HotSchott wrote:

This jacket is new in the sense that it has only been tried on. They don’t have to but it if they don’t want it. Warranty? It’s not a blender. Thanks.

You might want to try and be a bit more humble when speaking with someone who has far more schott knowledge and insight than any of us will ever have. Gail oversees this forum and is an expert on Schott jackets. 

She was only trying to help and give insight. Good luck with the sale Hotshot.

breck81 on 08/03/19 at 08:30 PM

And for the record, it’s an awesome collab Schott. 3sixteen is an incredible company. I love the chambray lining and the Good Art headwear. The lack of epaulets and belt is also a great change. I’ve always wanted one, but a wise man once told me it’s almost more important to buy the seller than what you are actually looking to buy. 

HotSchott on 08/03/19 at 10:27 PM


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