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Schott 259s?

A couple questions... 

needing help identifying this coat. I think it’s a 259s but not sure. I can’t identify the zippers. I know Schott usually uses leathercraft or talon. These are different.. there is no pocket tag to assist in identifying the model or year of production. 


Lastly, how do I properly care for Lambskin? I’ve normally used otter leather care kit for cowhide, but am hesitant to use the kit with lamb since it has more of a nubuck or suede texture. I’d hate to ruin the coat.. I’d also like to know how to clean the shearling.

Last question.. what is the design purpose of the sleeve zippers?

info: I found this coat used for $60. I know the history of Schott and am thrilled to own a vintage coat. I’d like to keep it for a lifetime.

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Gail on 09/05/19 at 08:45 AM

The jacket is indeed the style #259S, which was described in our catalogs as a R.A.F. Jacket, this jacket was in our line from 1985 to 1988. All sheepskin jackets must be professionally cleaned and conditioned. When new the top leatherized finish on the jacket produced a smooth finish to the outer shell, with age and wear this finish wears off producing a more sueded appearance in the shell. When new and the jacket maintains leatherized finish you can wipe down with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt. Once this finish no longer exists you can not wipe down, even when new youcan not clean the wool of sheepskin lining. The jacket needs to be professionally cleaned and conditioned. The military styled "stirrup" zipper pulls were used on the original flight jackets. The zippers on the sleeves were also a spec that were used on some jackets, possibly added to accommodate gloves worn under the sleeves, as planes from WWII did not have heat being very cold and the reason Sheepskin was used to provide the greatest warmth. The jacket is over 30 years old and appearsto be ingreat shape, at a $60 bargain you can invest in having the jacket professionally cleaned.


Mkbaker02 on 09/05/19 at 10:13 AM

Gail, thanks for the great info. The zippers and the jacket not being belted threw me off.  This is my second oldest Schott and it’s generally in great shape other than being a bit dried out. Unfortunately I believe this jacket was stored in plastic wrap for a period of time. I’ll look into professional cleaners. Do you have a recommendation? 


Gail on 09/06/19 at 07:23 AM

I can recommend Arrow Leather Care in Kansas City, MO they have free in-bound shipping. They are noted for refurbishing vintage jackets. Their website is:  phone #1-800-542-7769


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