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Schott 1 Star Perfecto

Hello!  I have just recently purchased a Schott 1 star perfecto, and I just love it.  I had been looking for one, but they are hard to find.  Even this website doesn't show them.  I found mine from the Legendary USA website.  It's the only place I could find 'em.  The thing I like about it, is it's short.  At 23.5 inches long, it doesn't ride up when I sit down.  Plus it has that nostalgic feel to it.  It looks like a bad boys jacket from yesteryear, and I'm big on nostalgia.  From the 50's bike riders, to the Ramones! 

Jason_Schott on 01/04/05 at 02:51 AM

I am so happy to hear that you are pleased with your new aquisition.  I know that it will be with you for a long time.


Because of the wide breadth of our products, we do not always have all of our styles available on our website - this is particularly true of alot of the clothing that is available in Europe and Asia.  Since the one-star is such an important part of our history - and let's face it, history in general - we will be adding it to our website very soon.


Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us Gary.

Gary on 01/05/05 at 09:47 PM

  Thank you for your kind reply!  You must be very proud of the business that your relatives started many years ago.  They probably didn't realize when they first started, how long and successful the business would be.  I have gotten nothing but compliments on my one star from friends and strangers alike.  It's kind of cool  to walk through a store and hear people around you say "that jacket that guy's got is cool!"  or "where did you get that jacket from...not around here?".  Here in Fort Wayne, you don't find too many Schott retailers, especially bike jackets.  You want a Schott, you either order it by cataloge, or online.  Even the Harley shops around here sell bike jackets made in China or Thailand.  When they find out mine is made in the USA, they want to know even more about it.  So I give them your website address, so you may have a few more orders coming in, hopefully.  The one star has 40's and 50's written all over it.  Days that will never be forgotten.  Your company is truly a American landmark, and a great example of the American little guy starting a small business, and turning into something huge.  Thank God for the American way, huh?  Last but not least, I conclude with, one day looking through a book on Rock 'N' Roll, I came across a picture of my favorite rock band, the Ramones, and lo' and behold...they're all wearing Schott one stars!  Now that's cool!  Again, thanks for a great jacket, and God bless everyone at Schott NYC!           Gary Sivits

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