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Schott 125 Date of Manufacture

I have what I believe a Schott 125

Inside the coin pocket, the tag says lot 1235 019

The zip out lining is missing.


What is the year of manufacture?  The jacket has no label except the snaps have SCHOTT on them.

How much and how to replace the missing lining?

Do you know the thickness of the leather?  I own a couple of 141 from early 2000s, and they certainly feel heavier than this 125.  I mean it relatively speaking as the 125 is not like paper thin or anything just lighter than the 141 by comparison.


Gail on 03/15/17 at 08:28 AM

Based on the pocket ticket not having a barcode the jacket was produced prior to 1993. The style was first produced in 1978 so I need to try and narrow down the production year and I will need additional information. What is the name on the front and the sleeve zipper pulls. Does the body lining have a Schott logo print?

The weight of a jacket can vary slightly as the hides used in a jacket can vary slightly. When matching the hides to be used in a jacket they try to match the hides the best in coloring and weight so the jacket is uniform in appearance and weight. The hides can vary from 3-1/4 to 3-3/4 oz in weight per square foot. Another the reason the jacket feels lighter is that it is missing the liner, once the liner is replaced the jacket will be heavier.

For a replacement liner you can contact Jerri in customer service as she handles all repairs. She can provide the cost and hopping instructions as you will need to send the jacket into us. The liner zipper in your jacket must be matched with a new liner zipper that will mesh together correctly. We are unable to accept repairs outside the Continental US. Email:


lcl on 03/15/17 at 09:17 AM

the front is a chrome YKK.  it's big and full of teeth.  The cuff zippers are IDEAL.  The satin lining has no label stitched on or any logo motif printed on.  There is a size label on the side of the inside of the jacket and a cleaning label that recommends Leathercraft.



lcl on 03/15/17 at 09:28 AM

This is how it looks in all its leather glory.


lcl on 03/15/17 at 09:37 AM

The label is very clean like brand new out of the factory.  I guess the prior owners don't have coin or simply don't use the coin pocket or watch pocket at all.  The other pockets are clean like that as well.

The weight definitely feels a bit lighter than my 2 141  with linings zipped out.  Even this is the biggest one by tag.  the 141 are 42 and 44 while this 125 is size 46.  But all of them are nice and heavy in general.

Thank you so much for the information.


PeterSilecchio on 03/15/17 at 04:21 PM


Nice Jacket. Great Condition. I Own two myself one in Size 48 and one in Size 50.

I am sure Gail can help you on the information you are looking for.


Gail on 03/16/17 at 08:09 AM

Based on the YKK & Ideal zippers and not having a logo print lining I think it may have been produced around 1985. The style 125 was a off and on style in the line in the early years we offered the jacket. The jacket was first offered in 1978, not in 1979, but again in 1980, not offered in 1981 but again in 1982. All these earlier jackets would probbaly have a Talon zipper. The style did not appear in our line again until 1985, which would have had the YKK/Ideal zippers at that time that we were using. From the mid-80's to the mid-90's we used a logo print lining in our jackets, so I believe this jacket was prodced prior to the use of the logo lining, so I am placing the jacket at the earliest year it was offered based on what was used in the jacket.


lcl on 03/16/17 at 09:44 AM

Thank you Peter.

Thank you Gail for the information, much appreciated.

Jose on 03/16/17 at 03:42 PM

Hey there,

I'm looking at a Vintage Schott Perfecto 125 and I was wondering if you could give me an idea of the Year it was made, here's some pics of the pocket tag, liner tag, a metal liner zipper, I believe it's a YKK zipper and if you look closely at the last pic you can make out Schott printed on the liner.

Thank you. :-)


tmp_7029_31.jpg tmp_7029_32.jpg tmp_7029_33.jpg tmp_7029_34.jpg tmp_7029_35.jpg

Gail on 03/17/17 at 08:16 AM

This new inquiry on the vintage 125 would be in the same production time as the previous inquiry. Once again the pocket ticket does not have a barcode. If the jacket has a logo body lining then it would place the production of the jacket between 1985 and 1992.


smowery13 on 03/18/17 at 11:16 PM

Good evening, could I please have the information from my number 1321 046 141 38? I'm guessing the 141 is the style and 38 is the size.

Gail on 03/19/17 at 08:23 AM

Once again no barcode places the jacket before 1993. Plain versus logo lining and front & sleeve zipper pulls can sometimes narrow down a closer date of production.


pgoat on 12/13/17 at 01:00 PM

Can I ask about the production date of my 125? I always regretted selling a 125 I bought new around 1988, so I grabbed this one, new with tags on ebay earlier this year.



ss1.jpg sss1.jpg ssss1.jpg sssss1.jpg 1252.JPG

pgoat on 12/13/17 at 01:25 PM

Iirc, 125s were out of production around 2013? With this modern looking tag, would that make mine a 2012? not a 2002?

Gail on 12/14/17 at 07:30 AM

Based on the barcode number and the newer style hangtags on the jacket, this jacket was indeed produced in 2012. Were you at our annual factory sale and this was your purchase?


pgoat on 12/14/17 at 09:50 AM

Thanks Gail! No I wasn't , this was an eBay find a few months ago; maybe someone grabbed it there and flipped it?

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