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Schott 118 sizing down/fit check question

Hello all;

I would like some advice regarding the perfecto 118. I love this jacket, got a size 38, but as you can see in the photos, it's far to baggy for me. Also, the sleeves are ridiculously long, and since I don't ride, if they end up on my wrist it would be fine by me.

Now I have the measurement charts from Schott, but since each jacket may be a bit different from another, I'd like to double check.

The question is fairly simple : for a slim fit, do I need to size down to a 34 or would a 36 be enough ? I fear a size 36 would still be too big in the shoulders and the sleeves.

To help any good samaritan, I am 178cm tall (5'10" according to the website), I weigh 66 kg (146 lbs), and my chest size is 96cm (38").

As seen in the photos, the body is large enough for a fold to appear in the back when I stand, and the shoulder seams fall down on my arms. Also, notice the room I have left when I stretch the waist from my armpit to the bottom of the jacket. If that's any help, I can close the belt in up to the 4th hole and still be comfortable.

For comparison, I also own a 508 size S, and the fit is spot on. I can provide a picture of it if that might help answer my question.

Thank you for taking the time to read all that, looking forward to you answers !

20200202_00325621.jpg 20200202_00335421.jpg 20200202_00374021.jpg

Darkside7 on 02/02/20 at 11:52 AM

I would go down to 36 at best.  I'm 5'8 145 pound and I wear 38 in both the 118 and 141.  If you really want a slimmer fit , than 618 might be the way to go.  Just remember the 618 will be a bit shorter.  If I remember correctly, most people recommends sizing up when going to 618.


PatTermite on 02/09/20 at 01:25 PM

I have a 118 in 36 and am 5'7" 125 pounds 33 inch chest, 29" waist. While I have a similar slim build, the jacket falls to my hips (approx 34", which is the widest part of my body. So I can confortably zip it up. However I wouldn't be able to do so if I went down to a 34 because of where the jacket falls on me. When I hold the jacket while zipped closed up to where my natural waist is, I have as much extra room as you do.

Being that you're much taller, the jacket would probably fall at your natural waist just below your belt, which is narrower than your hips. I would recommend going to a 36. If you go to a 34 you may not be able to close the jacket.


As a general rule, if you measure the bottom of the jacket and take 2 inches off for every size you go down then you can get an approximation of your size.

So with the jacket unzipped, pull it closed so there is no slack and measure the amount of slack you have past the zipper. Then subtract an inch from the extra slack and then subract that number from the size of the jacket you currently own. If the result falls between 2 sizes round up to the next higher size.

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