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FUNFACT: Please, only to know the model number and year of production of this Schott jacket

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Schott 115 french market?!?

Hi Gail, here is my Schott 115 brown. Please, may you be of aid to know year of production and if is it made of naked cowhide or steerhide? It was made for french market only?

Thank you in advance, Dario

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Gail on 07/19/19 at 07:18 AM


The style #115 is a Naked Cowhide leather, which based on the Care label in French, this was production for our French distributor. The pocket ticket has no barcode number so we know it was produced prior to 1993. The main Perfecto label with the motorcycle rider was first used in jackets in the late 1980's as well as this Schott USA logo zipper pull. I would place the jacket between 1988-1992, approximate age would be 30 years old. In our USA line of jackets the style #115 in naked cowhide was only offered in 1983 & 1984, these jacket would have the Perfecto label with the Bull in the corner.


Dario on 07/19/19 at 08:57 AM

Thank you Gail. It’s probaly the onlyone naked cowhide Schott Perfecto having the Motorcycle on main label.

thank you again

Gail on 07/20/19 at 09:33 AM

I am not sure what you meant by this being the only Naked Leather cowhide jacket having a Perfecto w/motorcycle rider on it. All our Naked Cowhide Perfecto jacket from the late 80's to this present day have the motorcycle rider on them. We first introduced Naked Cowhide leather in our line in 1978, from 1978 to the mid-80's the Perfecto label had the Bull, your jacket has the motorcycle and was produced later.


Dario on 07/20/19 at 01:14 PM

Sorry, I don’t know why but I did suppose that all schott perfecto jackets with motorcycle on main label were made of steerhide leather. It seems that I was wrong 

thank you!

Gail on 07/22/19 at 05:42 AM


I understand, originally the Perfecto label was used on the Steerhide leather. In 1978 we added the Naked Cowhide type of leather to offer in our motorcycle jackets. The only difference between the Steerhide and the Naked Cowhide leather is that the Steerhide has a finish applied and the Naked Cowhide has no finish. Both are the same highest quality of Grade A/B hides.


Dario on 07/22/19 at 06:47 AM

Thank you 

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