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Replacement bits for perfecto.

Gday Gail! My White perfecto arrived today from US second hand via Ebay. Its one of those deals I wont be bragging about down the pub. Its not quite as expected, but, thats the Ebay game. My question is can I get a replacement schott label to sew on? Im also curiois if this is the original zipper? Thirdly, can I get a couple of perfecto stars to add to epaulettes? I didnt realise how short these jackets were cut. Ok if your a size 38, but in 50? Ayway, its a nice enough peice that I will keep for my collection, and it might get a start on my cafe racer from time to time in summer....maybe not. Anyway, your help, as always is much appreciated. Thanks, Ben Ps, its Filthy! Any tips on cleaning white leather? Its got smudges and gunk on it. Is it worth just getting it professionally cleaned?

Gail on 04/22/13 at 10:58 AM

Hi Ben,

I am sorry but we do not send out our labels for replacement. In regards to the zipper this does not appear to be a zipper we used, if I remember correctly it woudd have been an Ideal zipper possibly with out logo on the pull. This pull looks like a no brand zipper. In regards to cleaning I always recommend any used clothing item be professionally cleaned. Even if the leather looks clean though in your case it is not I think the lining of the jackets need to be cleaned to remove the dirt and sweat from previous owner. If there are existing holes in the epaulets then you can replace the missing stars, if there are no existing holes it is almost impossible to attach the prong stars. If you need replacemenmt stars you can contact Jerri in our customer service. You can reach customer service under "Contact" button at top of page which has the link to customer serviceemail. Gail

Bunyip on 04/22/13 at 04:13 PM

Thanks Gail,

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