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Repairing Damage To Leather

   I have an older 125, and inside near the bottom of the jacket, the leather is worn quite a bit. Is there a way I could fix or patch the area? Also, is there a way to remove scuffs in the naked cowhide (conditioner, etc?)

Gail on 08/18/08 at 10:11 AM

Since I can see what is exactly worn on the inside of the jacket, and I am not sure based on your description what the problem is it is hard to advise what can and cannot be done. If it is the inside leather band that is worn, this can be replaced. I do not think there is anything you can do to repair the jacket, once leather is worn it would need to be replaced as it cannot be mended or fixed. Scratches and scuff marks cannot be removed, you can try some mink oil which may dim the appearance of the marks. Sometimes a jacket just reaches a certain age after years of wear that it just needs to be replaced, especially if the jacket has not been periodically cleaned and conditioned through the years. Gail

someguy on 08/18/08 at 06:05 PM

Is mink oil bad for naked leather?

Gail on 08/19/08 at 10:45 AM

We advise nothing be put on a naked  as it can cause darkening or spotting of the leather. We do suggest applying the mink oil spareingly if the jacket is in the condition that it needs some conditioning. We always caution to test any product you would apply. Based on the description you provided for this jacket it appeared it was well worn and the mink oil could darken the scuff marks on the jacket, as well as condition the leather some. Gail

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