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Questions on Lightweights

Hi there

I am new to your brand as this is my 1st time in US and coming across your jackets.  Let me 1st say I love them! 

I got a couple of questions for the below models and hope you can help answer them (pls pardon my ignorance) - I am very interested in your Lightweights, namely Campus 837 (Brown) and Leather Towne Coat 806 (Black).

Type of Leather
The website mentioned they are Jaguar Cowhide.
Can you elaborate what you mean by "Jaguar"? I presume "Jaguar" is an internal term and the leather is from dairy cattle (cow) or buffalo.

Quality of Leather
Can you advise if the quality is
a) A-Aniline-Also known as Natural, Pure, Naked, and Unprotected OR
b) P-Protected - Also known as Finished, Semi Aniline, Everyday, Pigmented and Painted
If none of the above, can you provide more details  of the quality used?
Eg. Can you also explain the grade and quality of the leathers used by Schott in particular these two models, in the best technical / scientific way.  Pls also help me understand how they are manufactured in US eg. where the cowhide comes from, whether the jacket is made by one person or a team of people etc...  

Lifetime Warranty
One shop in NYC which I chanced upon last week told me that Schott provides a lifetime warranty and does not charge for any repairs or service. The example provided to me by the salesman was Schott will repair the inner lining (even from wear and tear) FREE of charge. Or for that matter, repair zippers etc all free of charge.
I am unable to find this important fact in your website and like to know if this is true.  If not, what is your warranty policy?

Removable inner lining
Does 837 and 806 or any of your models have the above feature?

Thanks in advance for your assistance and look forward to your reply

Gail on 05/04/05 at 01:51 PM

Dear Ed,

The Jacquar is a reference name to the type of cowhide, as skins can be finished in many different ways. This leather does have a finish and is shinet in appearance. All the leather used in our jackets is of the highest grade available to our high standards for our items. Since we are manufactureres and not a tannery I do not have the technical or scientific descriptions for tanning leather.

These jackets are made in our facility, individual cut by a leather cutter and assembled by out experienced operators. We are a international company and our jackets are shipped international to our numermous distributors through out the world.

We do stand behind our product 100% against manufacturing defects, but we do not offer a lifetime warrenty on the jacket. As with any clothing materials wear out over a period of time. Our jackets last many years, when a jacket reaches a certain age as with any product you may purchase things break. We do have a repair service to accommodate a Schott jacket owner when a repair is needed. The style #806 & #837 do not have zip-out liners. I hope I have answered most of your questions. Gail

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