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Professional Alteration to fit Perfecto for woman

I'm so glad to join a group that is enthusiastic about this as I am.  After years of listening to me talk about this jacket my bosses (4 of them) chipped in and got me a Perfecto Motorcycle Jacket (618) for Christmas


They bought it for me in a 38 which is a perfect shoulder and sleeve fit but about 3 inches short at the hip area  I will have to exchange it for a 42 or 44 which makes the sleeves way too long, past my fingertips...I have to have it altered.


Has anyone ever done this?  Do you have any recommendations, what I should be looking for in a taylor and special instructions I should give.  Unfortunately the women's styles is just not what rocks my socks, I must have the Motorcycle jacket or bust, but I know this group understands, help me please!!!


I have already emailed Gail about sizing and she's been very forthcoming but nothing yet on alterations.  Thanks for any help you can give me   

Jason_Schott on 01/04/05 at 02:46 AM

It sounds like you have some very nice bosses!


Unfortunately, the alterations that you are looking for are not as easy as you might think.  (Then again, it sounds like you already knew they wouldn't be easy).  The big problem with shortening the sleeves on this jacket is that the zippers would have to be removed from the sleeves in order for them to be taken in.  This should only be attempted by a tailor who is comfortable working with leather garments.


Since we do not have the systems in place to handle custom orders (perhaps this will come down the road) I must refer you to some other leather experts.  The Leather Apparel Association lists on their website ( a list of approved leather cleaners, and most if not all of these cleaners should be able to refer you to a leather alterations expert. 


I hope that this helps.


Jason Schott

Maria on 01/04/05 at 07:11 PM

Thank you for the kind reply, and thank you Gail for the email too!  You guys not only sell a wonderful product but your customer service is absolutely excellent.  I showed my coworkers your replies and everyone here at work is impressed. 


I will definitely check into that website and look into an appropriate alteration.  I absolutely love the jacket.  Thank you again for all your help.

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