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Please identify this Perfecto

Hi there!

Can you tell me more about this jacket, please?

Any hints for caring and cleaning?

Have a nice evening!

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Gail on 07/17/19 at 12:02 PM

The jacket is the women's Steerhide style #618W, which we offered in our line from 1974 to 1986. The 4 digit Lot numbers starting with a number "2" were first used in 1984 to the mid-90's. Since this women's style was last offered in 1986, this jacket was produced between 1984-1986.

The jacket looks to be in good condition and not very dirty, signs of dirt would be on the main Perfecto label and the white pocketing. You can lightly clean & condition the jacket yourself, but if the lining is dirty with sweat and dirt then the jacket has to be professionally cleaned to clean the linings.

For maintaining the jacket we recommend to only use all natural products, one being the Otter Wax products that we offer on our website for sale. The kit contains Saddle Soap for a light leather cleaning, Salve to restore softness and the repair of cracking, Oil for conditioning. The kit also contains a Boot Wax which is for "Boots Only" as this product contains a sealant which is ok for boots to be sealed but a jacket, as leather needs to breath. Store the jacket in a cool area during very hot weather and never cover with plastic.


franzi on 07/23/19 at 01:31 PM

Thanks a lot, Gail! Much apprecitated!

I will give out a try to this Otter wax and oil. The leather seems very thirsty.

In my opinion the inside of the jacket is dirty. White pocketing? Not in my jacket ??. Also I'm not sure if the label has to look this way.




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Gail on 07/24/19 at 06:11 AM

I agree, based on the very dirty pocketing and main Perfecto label, this jacket needs to be professionally clean to remove the dirt and sweat from the lining. The dirt and sweat can deteriorate the lining and stitching, plus you really do not want to wear someon else's dirt on the lining. The original color of the pocketing and label were a light cream off white color. Cleaning may also help in softening up the leather as they do condition leather when it is cleaned. Once this is done you can then maintain the jacket with the Otter Wax products.


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