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Please help with ID

Hey there,

i just picked these up and heard conflicting thoughts on age. Can someone help me date  these please. Thanks!! 

20180528_DSC59701.jpg 20180528_DSC59771.jpg 20180528_DSC59721.jpg 20180528_DSC59751.jpg 0DD7FB2C8D4A4827BB26A3AC8291CAED1.jpeg 9EFC0174E50D4140BA56219020380A561.jpeg 05A21707C81540279946302507E6BA5B1.jpeg 859DB8F520454BACBEFB6BB1BE31143D1.jpeg 4EE669456E484E769B066057BA55AF8A1.jpeg 9FD530B73C824FF3A7DFD92A375D3E591.jpeg

Gail on 05/31/18 at 01:37 PM

The first jacket with the Beck label appears to be their style #999. I have posted photos of a Beck jacket we have in or 100th Anniversary book, photos below are for the style #999 BL with the studs & "T" on the epaulets. I can not see the name on the front zipper pull, but the pocket & sleeve zipper pulls appear to be the same as on ypur jacket.The jacket could be from the 50/60's. The belt on the jacket is an optional belt and not sold with the jacket, but purchased separately. Are their any pocket tickets with numbers? Is there a leather care label in the lining of the jacket?

The second jacket is the classic M/C style jacket which could be either a steerhide leather 618 or a 118 in the Naked cowhide leather. I can not see the main label to narrow down a time frame if it has a Bull or a Riderand if it has Schott Bros or Schott NYC. Check the coin pocket for a white ticket which can have the style number and possibly a barcode for production year. What are the names on the front & sleeve zipper pulls? Is there any markings on the back of the buckle?


IMG_15391.JPG IMG_15401.JPG

Niiiiiiiiiickd on 05/31/18 at 09:17 PM

Hey there! 

Thanks for taking the time to help!

The Beck northeaster has a Conmar zipper. No care instructions or white tag with any numbers. 

The perfecto has Emar zippers they are also stamped with USA on the back. I included a picture of the label.  No markings on the buckles. No care tag and no barcode tag. 


Thanks again 

26C35F96B78A4AF2A1F79CC04456EA221.jpeg 1E19249D116143FB9FB18952D90549DF2.jpeg 265FE383C6F740E7A522B298550CC20A1.jpeg 265FE383C6F740E7A522B298550CC20A2.jpeg

Gail on 06/04/18 at 05:33 PM

Based on the main Perfecto label with the motorcycle rider and the wording Schott NYC was first used in the late 1980's. With the Emar zippers this jacket and no markings on the buckle it is probably from the late 80's. In the early 90's buckles stared to have markings on the back.


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