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please help identify A-2 jacket model, leather and year


I just got this A-2 jacket, which I am really happy with, and wanted to have some information about it, as it doesn't look like all Schott A-2 model I have seen so far. (one piece back, small collar throat, etc).

There is no label in the pocket (like the 184sml), only label on the lining.

Also if you can help identify the leather, it is softer than my 184sml, so I think it is not cowhide, but I am not specialist.

Thank you very much


ps: I hope I didn't attach too many pics, just thinking it helps to identify.

Schott_A2_01.jpg Schott_A2_02.jpg Schott_A2_03.jpg Schott_A2_04.JPG Schott_A2_05.JPG Schott_A2_06.JPG Schott_A2_07.JPG Schott_A2_08.JPG Schott_A2_09.JPG

Gail on 12/11/12 at 09:13 AM

The jacket is the style 131 in the naked cowhide leather, which we produced from 1989 - 1994. Gail

fukigen on 12/11/12 at 02:56 PM

thank you very much for the quick reply.

I prefer this model (which I think is closer to the actual usaf A-2 jacket) than current a2sm, as I like the one piece back instead of 2 piece on actual a2sm. (this is why I got this jacket on the bay)

I hope Schott will make again closer to mil-spec A-2 jackets available for civilian (eventually horsehide :)  ), as I love Schott jacket.


Gail on 12/11/12 at 03:08 PM

The leather used in the mil-spec jackets would be either a goatskin or a cowhide not a horsehide leather. We have done military contracts and this is the specs for the leather. Gail

fukigen on 12/12/12 at 05:09 PM

You are right, current is goat, mentionned horsehide as reference to ww2 a-2.

still hope Schott will make such mil-spec available for civilian, with one piece back. (but maybe then would come the question about civilian deserving to wear mil-spec jackets provided to aire force crew... another topic).

Anyway, I really enjoy this jacket I got on the bay, as well as my 184sml that I own for 10 years and looks like new. (together with my ww2 roughwear repro).

thank you for replying my questions, and thank you for making such great jackets, Schott is a top maker!

Danny on 09/05/17 at 09:40 AM

Gail wrote:

The jacket is the style 131 in the naked cowhide leather, which we produced from 1989 - 1994. Gail

I also have 1 like this. But with 'IDEAL' zipper. Can u narrow down the production year? Thanks in advance

Gail on 09/06/17 at 08:10 AM

Unfortunately I can not narrow done the year any closer the between 1989-1994 unless the pocket ticket has a barcode. If the white pocket ticket has no barcode then the jacket was produced prior to 1993, if the pocket ticket has a barcode then it could be 1993 or 1994 depending on the 5th digit of the barcode.


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