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Pit stains and armpit blow out prevention

Hey all,


i have a predisposition to sweating quite a bit, and i frequently find my jackets with pit stains upon taking them off. when i consider that the armpits of a jacket are frequently experiencing friction, with the fact that sweat can be some what acidic, i worry that i will be blowing out the armpits of my jackets sooner than normal. if i let my pit stains dry naturally, i can usually wipe them down with a wet pad and remove the stain, but i also know that wetting and drying the leather will contribute to dryness and cracking, so this is another concern.

i cant do much layering since its quite warm in california, so i usually just have a tee shirt under my jacket, and both my schott 613sh and per22 suffer from said pit stains, though the per 22 gets soaked through alot easier that the 613sh.


my question is, is there anything i could be doing to improve the longevity of the jackets armhole friction points? should i wipe down the jacket as sparingly as possible, is there something i should be doing differently?

thank you

Yango on 02/07/20 at 11:06 AM

Try Anthony's de-salter. Sweat can eventually eat the stitching and damage the leather.



Zackg on 02/08/20 at 06:48 PM

Yango wrote:

Try Anthony's de-salter. Sweat can eventually eat the stitching and damage the leather.


thanks for the idea! do you by any chance use this stuff? any idea how often one should apply it?


thank you

Yango on 02/08/20 at 08:23 PM

I do use it. It has absolutely no odour, which is nice. I just spray it liberally on the sweat stained areas when I get back from a ride, then hang the jacket up to air dry. I find it works very well. I don't know if I'm overusing it... but I don't want my jacket to smell like BO...

You can also condition the leather afterwards if you want to. I use Pecard's Motorcycle Leather Lotion. It cleans and conditions the leather, and it smells great (like new leather).

Zackg on 02/09/20 at 06:08 PM

thanks for the replies, i appreciate it!


best regards



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