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pile liner/collar for A2 ???

hello. I recently received a weared but very nice A-2 in brown leather. but unfortunatly zip off pile liner and collar are missed. The jacket is in very good condition with good patina, original 'Schott' zip and front pocket 'buttons' etc. woudl eb great to be able to wear it in the upcoming cold season -.-- Is it possible to get somewhere a suitable new pile liner + full pile collar separately? Any individual offers? :) Answers are very welcome. Thanks a lot and. Sincerely, Axel

Gail on 10/06/05 at 06:48 PM

Hi Axel, Unfortunately the process of getting a replacement liner or collar is not as easy as you may think. Each replacement liner & collar must be customized to the jacket to make sure the zippers are compatible and the snaps on collar match the jacket. As a result, we do not keep any additional stock of liners. Through the years we have used several types of zippers and three vendors. We have also had pattern adjustment changes on our jackets, and several variations of the A/2 style through the years of manufacturing. The only way we can replace a liner or collar to assure is if the jacket is returned to us to have the item made. Since you are in Germany, and we do not accept a jacket for repair or replacement items outside the Continental US, we will be unable to help you in replacing these items. Gail

Rydman on 10/13/05 at 05:59 AM



I have the collar for a size 46 A-2 flight jacket. I bought jacket in '78 in Paris. The collar attaches with 3 snaps on inside side of collar and with one snap on outside side of collar in the back. I never used this collar so it is in brand new condition. I do not have a liner for you unfortunately.


Check the size of your jacket and the number of snaps. If it matches, let me know and I can send it to you. You can email me at or post here.

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