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Perfecto Missing Belt + Care Tips

Hi there! I've had my Schott Perfecto biker jacket for around 25 years and absolutely love it still. It's held up very well, but needs a bit of TLC now, which is why I'm here. 

Years ago I lost the belt for my jacket, so, I'm wondering if there's a way to get a replacement. The belt for this jacket wasn't attached (which is how I lost it) and you can see the belt loops on the jacket on the photos I uploaded. I can't remember what the original belt looked like, but I'd love to get a replacement as close to the original as possible. Do you sell them still, Schott? 

Also, I'm wondering what is the best way to care for this jacket. It's starting to show some signs of wear along the edges. The black color is starting to wear off in some spots, as you can see on the closeup photos of the belt loop attached. Is there something I can do to restore the color, and also, what is the best product to use on the leather to keep it looking good?


Perfecto biker jacket from 1990s, front and back. Closeup of belt loop on Perfecto biker jacket

TomH on 03/08/19 at 06:54 PM

If it's any help, I found this tag inside the little pocket on the front with some numbers on it. Also, I bought the coat in New York but now live in Canada. 


Gail on 03/09/19 at 08:13 AM

Based on your Naked Cowhide style #125 jacket, this style was never sold with a belt. It was always styles with just the belt loops for the owner to add a optional belt of his choice. If you purchased the jacket with a belt it must have been a belt that was added for display by the retailer. Schott has never sold belts separately for jackets. Based on the barcode number on the pocket ticket and the 5th digit being a "4" the jacket was produced in 1994, which would be compatible with when you purchased the jacket. 

In regards to care, showing signs of wear is natural and it is what most owners can not wait to achieve. Looking at your photos and the age of this jacket it does not appear it has had limited wear and has not been really broken-in yet. If you want to touch up the areas to restore the color, you can use black shoe polish in a can, "not" a liquid, apply spareingly, then buff out. In regards to care I always recommend a jacket be professionally cleaned periodically depending on wear. While you can lightly clean the leather yourself, you can not remove the dirt and sweat from the linings, which can cause deteriorating of the lining and stitching. Your jacket is a Naked Cowhide which means the leather has no finish, so any product you apply will be fully absorbed and could darken the leather, always test any product before applying. Never apply a water repellent product as this will seal the pores, which can cause dry rot, leather needs to breathe. Only use all natural products, never cover the jacket in plastic and store in a cool area.

We do offer Otter Wax leather care products on our website. The kit contains Saddle Soap for a light cleaning, a Salve for restoring and repairing, Oil for conditioning and a Boot Wax which is only for bots as it does conatin a sealant.


wolverine on 03/09/19 at 10:49 AM

Gail did another wonderful job in answering your questions...she is awesome in helping us all out.  I would only add that since this jacket is made with chrome tanned naked Cowhide you should not apply any type of conditioner to the leather.  As Gail points out it will darken the will also leave a residue that can become sticky and also attract can also weaken the leather and make it more prone to tearing if you catch yourself on a hard object.


 If you are really determined to use a conditioner do what Gail suggests and try a small test spot inside one of the zipper pockets and see if you like it.  Also keep in mind that chrome tanned leather is very high in chemicals from the tanning process which protects the leather from rotting or becoming hard from being soaked with water...that is a major reason why most leather today is chrome tanned rather than vegetable tanned.

TomH on 03/09/19 at 01:27 PM

Hi Gail, thanks a lot for your detailed reply. I recall that I bought my jacket at Canal Jeans in NYC in the mid 90s, and I definitely remember that it came with a belt, so I guess they added the belt. The jacket was brand new at the time and I remember seeing the other Schott jackets (same style, different sizes) they had that also had belts. So I guess I feel better knowing that the belt it came with and lost wasn't actually part of the original jacket. Does Schott sell belts that would work with this jacket if I wanted to get another one? 

Thanks for the recommendation to use some black shoe polish on the areas where the color is starting to fade a bit, I did the same on a black leather belt a year ago and it worked pretty well. You mentioned not to use a sealant on the leather as it will block the pores. Doesn't the wax in the shoe polish and the Otter Wax leather care act as a sealant? 

I have these three leather car eproducts (see photo below): Neatsfoot Oil Compound, Milnk Oil, and Dubbin (made by Johnson). Are any of these okay to use on my jacket? Wolverine said not to use any conditioner on the leather, are these considered conditioners?

Three leather care products: Netasfoot Oil Compound, Mink Oil and Dubbin

wolverine on 03/09/19 at 02:50 PM

Gail on 03/11/19 at 08:57 AM

The products you posted are products I am not familiar with, except for a Mink Oil Product, but this brand concerns me as it states a Gloss Gel and protector, not sure other then possibly shoes who would want a gloss on a jacket. This leads me to believe it conatins a sealant of some kind and not just a oil for conditioning. I am also not sure what a Neatsfoot Oil "Compound"  refers to. Always use all natural products on your jacket and avoid any product with a sealant such as silicone. Unless shoe polish is stated as being a water repellent product or sealant it is fine to use to touch up your color on the jacket. To begin with you are not applying to the entire jacket, just small areas on your belt loops. I personally like the character of a jacket that it has been around a few years and has a history, kind of like a badge of honor, saying I have been around, not the new kid on the block, and I have a history and story to tell.


TomH on 03/12/19 at 08:18 PM

Hi Gail, 

Thanks! It looks like there are some other ingredients in that bottle of Mink Oil, I didn't notice that before I bought it. The bottle says it contains: steric acide, poly dimethlsiloxane fluid, aloe vera and mink oil. Not sure what those first two ingredients are, probably not good, though. 

Is mink oil fine to use if I can find pure mink oil? Are there any other natural products I can use? I can't find the Otto Wax leather care products here in Canada. Is there a similar product you know about that maybe I can find here in Canada? 

TomH on 03/12/19 at 08:33 PM

wolverine wrote:

Thanks for that thread! Very interesting, although I have to admit, I'm still a bit confused after reading the whole thread on what products would be best to use on my Perfecto jacket to keep it looking it's best. It seems like a natural oil is best, but which one? I guess I could use grapeseel oil or something like that, but, don't want to ruin the leather after it's held up so well for the past 25 years. 

On I found this which looks like it might be good for my Perfecto 125 jacket, it's called Obenauf's Leather Oil:

Anyone ever tried this on their Schott jackets? 


Gail on 03/13/19 at 01:22 PM

This would be a no, no for this product as in the description right on the front that it waterproofs. This seals the leather and is ok for shoes and boots you have a few years then replace. Your jacket can last many many years if care for, leather needs to breath, sealing the leather will cause dry rot in time. I just checked and the Otter Wax kit is sold on Amazon, you can Google the product and hopefully you can order direct since you are in Canada.


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