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Perfecto 618, 613, 118 ?

Hello (sorry for my English, I'm French),


I baught what Perfecto and I would like to know what year it was , and what model it is.

On the snap , there is the inscription " Schott " .

The closures of the sleeves are "Ideal" . The central closure of the jacket is a " YKK "


JPG DSCN04221.JPG (8307.00 KB) - Today at 03:37 PM
JPG DSCN04271.JPG (7972.00 KB) - Today at 03:39 PM
JPG DSCN04251.JPG (8270.00 KB) - Today at 03:41 PM


Thank you.



Gail on 08/31/16 at 07:56 AM

The jacket is either a 618 in Steerhide or a Naked Cowhide style 118, I cannot tell by photos the diffrences in leather. It is not a 613 as the jacket has collar snaps and the snaps have the Schott logo. Based on zippers it could be from the 80's or early 90's. Check the pockets including the snap flap coin pocket for white ticket with numbers. If the ticket is still in the pocket it may have the style number and a possibly a barcode, this will help me to narrow down the age.



Angus251 on 08/31/16 at 11:34 AM

I looked but there is no label ...

How to differentiate the cowhide to Steerhide (what's the Naked Cowhide) ?

I think this is the cow but I 'm not sure.

What makes you think it is years 80/90 ?


Gail on 09/01/16 at 08:22 AM

We use the descriptions of Naked Cowhide and Steerhide to differentiate the difference in the same type of leather. In reality a steer is a male and a cow is a female, but the hides are finished differently. Steerhide has a finish, so the leather will have a shine and a firmer feel to the hand, the Naked Cowhide has no finish has a Matte appearance  and a pliable softer hand. With out the pocket ticket I can only estimate the age of the jacket by the label and zippers. We first started using the Perfecto label with the motorcycle rider on it in the late 80's, the YKK front zipper we used mostly until the mid-late 90's when we started to use a Schott logo on the pull. Is there any name on the back of the buckle?


Angus251 on 09/02/16 at 12:08 AM

You mean the " belt " to close the jacket ?

If so, there is not nothing.

Gail on 09/02/16 at 06:47 AM

 If the front belt buckle has no markings on the back, then it confirms the jacket was prior to 1990 and after 1982.


Angus251 on 09/05/16 at 12:11 AM

Thank for these informations !

Angus251 on 04/28/19 at 02:38 PM


J'aimerais savoir quel est ce modèle?








Face Logo

Gail on 04/29/19 at 07:02 AM

Unfortunately I cannot determine what style your jacket is by the photos you have posted. We did embroidery of the Perfecto logo on jackets in the late 80's, early 90's and on some special production jackets that retailers & distributors ordered. Check the pockets for a white ticket, which would have the style number and possibly a barcode number that can determine when the jacket was made. Based on the zippers Ideal & YKK zippers the jacket would have been made in the years of noted when we did these logos on jackets.


Ricardbacker on 04/29/19 at 10:33 AM

Probably #106.


Angus251 on 04/29/19 at 11:50 AM

Quel type de cuir pensez-vous? Peau de vache? Taureau ou agneau?

Ricardbacker on 04/30/19 at 02:58 AM

If it's a #106, it's naked cowhide.

Gail on 04/30/19 at 07:51 AM

The style #106 was a special make-up jacket for our distributor in France in 1988. Since it was a special make-up jacket I do not have photos to confirm the style. The style 106 was the same leather and measurements except for the back length. The style was a cropped version of the 118 with a back length of 21". If the jacket you have measures 21" (53 cm) then it is indeed the style 106. The jacket was only sold in Europe and not sold in the USA.


Angus251 on 04/30/19 at 11:39 AM

Okay thank's 

Angus251 on 05/01/19 at 02:56 AM

I still say sorry :) (I'm looking for a perfecto on the internet so it's not easy when you can not try) Can you give me the year of this one? The seller says it's a 618.



Gail on 05/01/19 at 07:54 AM

Just based on the above photo, I can not confirm if the jacket is a Naked Cowhide style 118 or the Steerhide version style 618. To confirm a year of production I need the barcode number from the white pocket ticket. This ticket is usually found in the small snap coin pocket.


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