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Perfecto 618?

Hi I was looking to purchase a perfecto from Facebook marketplace. Untunately I don't have pictures of the inner tab but I do have is a picture of the main label which I will attach. Seems like The size is and both formats large and also 46 . Confused about this any help would be appreciated . 


Bahabp100 on 01/08/21 at 10:36 AM

It is a size 46 LONG with extra length in the body and sleeves, I'm not sure how many but probably 1-2 inches longer in body and sleeves than the 46 regular. This is hard to find because the Long sizes on the 618 are not made anymore . The 118 is still manufactured in long sizes. I myself am looking for a 50 Long 118 and a 52 Long 618

kashmiri on 01/08/21 at 11:01 AM

Thanks for your reply. I get it . Does the 618 fit a little  snug how much sizing up would be needed. I'm a 42-43 inch chest 195

Bahabp100 on 01/08/21 at 11:37 AM

Schott advises you to size up a size for the 618 but NOT for the 118

Bahabp100 on 01/08/21 at 11:42 AM

kashmiri wrote:

Thanks for your reply. I get it . Does the 618 fit a little  snug how much sizing up would be needed. I'm a 42-43 inch chest 195

It depends how old it is . On older sizes in general everything for smaller than current ones . So if 43 then

46 should work if it is an older model. The Long sizes are usually recommended for people who are 6 feet and taller . But depends on you own arm lengths and trunk. It could be a little loose but if it's a good price I'd grab it cause it may be the perfect fit- more pictures would help 

kashmiri on 01/08/21 at 12:15 PM

Hi thanks for such great info. I was able to get some extra pictures from the seller they're not the best

87CD4A2E6DAB4E3CA2D9A15440BA18251.jpeg 87CD4A2E6DAB4E3CA2D9A15440BA18252.jpeg 87CD4A2E6DAB4E3CA2D9A15440BA18253.jpeg ED687019E63E4D249AF22FE20FBD8F461.jpeg CEAE110F5D43425EA70B4754363380E91.jpeg

kashmiri on 01/08/21 at 12:16 PM

Sorry uploaded through phone so duplicates 

Bahabp100 on 01/08/21 at 01:28 PM

In reference to the Perfecto label and the M/C rider, we first started using the M/C rider on our labels in the 80's and this was the first version of that M/C rider used on the label. In years to follow the rider was changed and re-designed slightly. GAIL (RIP) 

Bahabp100 on 01/08/21 at 01:29 PM

You should be able to gain some clues as to age by reading this :

kashmiri on 01/09/21 at 09:51 AM

Thanks for your help. At the price and apparent condition I ordered anyway let's see. 

kashmiri on 01/11/21 at 06:26 PM

Took your advise and purchasd just got it today and  is perfect maybe  just a tad bit bigger but something I can work with. Any chance you could identify the year as I'm posting the label pic below also the shoulder strap had a chain with star not sure if it was added later or it was original seems more a add on 

B97C0E2B60284180BC34264A3EB178681.jpeg 50C34979B2494A43B39F056094FCD2011.jpeg ACB56E7443914F0A9FA5243813ED3F971.jpeg image706.jpg

Bahabp100 on 01/11/21 at 06:32 PM

It's an 118 naked cowhide in 46 Long . The 618 is made out of steerhide. Does it have a bull or cycle rider ? Post a picture of the label 

kashmiri on 01/11/21 at 06:53 PM

Here you go 


Bahabp100 on 01/11/21 at 07:10 PM

With that pocket ticket it's a #118L made before 1993. 1992 or older confirmed . The star and chain are after market based on Johnny Ramone's jacket. He had German nippers (an old fashioned handcuff and chain). You can search this forum for more info. It's from the 1980s most likely . How much did you pay ? 

kashmiri on 01/11/21 at 07:16 PM


Bahabp100 on 01/11/21 at 07:21 PM


Mid 1980's - Schott stops producing the 613 One Star. Underarm footballs, two piece underside sleeves, oval lower back panel, inside pocket and snaps on collar are introduced. Snaps for attaching fur collar are removed (no fur collar produced). Snaps have Schott stamped on them. Motorcycle rider instead of bull appears on neck label, size is printed on the american flag tag. Leather inner lower facing. Side pockets are at an approx. 60° angle and breast pocket at a 50° angle (reverse from what they were in the 1960's-70's and more like they were in the 1950's), side pockets are moved further away from the center of the jackets and down a bit. Square thin buckle is introduced. 

 Late 1980's / 1990's - Schott reintroduces the 613 One Star (in steerhide with mid 70's neck label) but without snaps for the fur collar and with inner pocket. Snaps on 613 are plain. Snaps for fur collar back on 618/118. Style 118 is updated to a fuller fit, 613/618 retain original slim fit. Schott NYC chrome main zipper, IDEAL sleeve zippers and bigger square belt buckle (by Century Canada) are introduced. Side pockets are at an approx. 60° angle and breast pocket at a 45° angle.

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