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Perfecto 613, first time etc

Hey guys, first timer here, typing from Australia so i want to make sure i get the sizing as right as possible before having it shipped out over the Pacific... Very keen on getting a Perfecto jacket for riding although i want it to look sharp too, i.e.; not baggy. Ive been advised that the 613 & 618 are what i should be looking at, in a 40, as opposed to say the 118. That said, I've now read that the 613 will be as baggy in the sleeves as a 118 (which i have actually been able to try on over here, in a 40, which fits fine except for the sleeves which are definitely baggy). So which is it? Is the 613 indeed a slimmer fit (in the arms too) or, not really?.... I am fairly confident i am a size 40. I am 5'10, athletic and my measurements are: Chest: around the body from under the arm - 39/40inches... Sleeve: sleeve from center of back @ base of neck, across the top of the shoulder and down the sleeve, not outstretched - 33 inches... Top of shoulder to wrist - 23 1/2 inches... Shoulder to shoulder, across the top of my back - 23 1/2 inches... Waist - 34.5 inches... Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks!

Monitor on 08/03/14 at 10:04 AM

I have 618 made in 2012, which is supposed to be cut following the same pattern as the 613, and I've compared it to 118 and older 613. 118 is a bit larger in the body and shoulders, from what I could tell, but as far as the sleeves go, both 618, 613 and 118 have equally baggy sleeves, which is of course great because these are riding jackets after all and a riding jacket must have comfortable sleeves.

If you want trim sleeves, PER2 is what you're looking - or any other asymmetrical style jacket that's cut using the PER2 pattern. PER2 has really trim sleeves.

As far as the size goes, if you want a slim, sharp fit, I'd try 613/618 in size 38.

Gonzo on 08/03/14 at 07:32 PM

Hey - thanks for the advice Monitor... what about 626? This sounds like the fit i'm after but is it suitable for riding, ie, will it offer protection? Also, it does sound like its pretty slim - if i'm a 40 in the 613, would a 40 still be the way to go with a 626? Cheers!

Monitor on 08/03/14 at 08:33 PM

Don't know about 626. Haven't had a chance to try one so I can't say. I've also been looking into it because I dig the zippers on top of the sleeves, but as the opinions were mixed, I didn't want to take a risk.

If you care to hear my uneducated guess, Schott mid-weight stuff that I've had a chance to handle was around 2/3 of the thickness compared to their heavy gear, which is, despite what some people might say, still pretty thick and perfectly suitable for riding. Besides, Schott calls it a riding jacket and considering they've been in the business for 100+ years, I'd take their word on it. :)

For some people, anything that's under 5oz is considered to be a mall quality jacket which is, of course, complete nonsense I wouldn't pay any attention to. Most leather jackets from the 50's and 60's weren't nearly as thick as the stuff we have today and yet somehow the riders from those days somehow miraculously survived.

Two things about the 626 you should note, though, that are far more important than weight; It's a long jacket! that is, at 26" body length, it may be too long for riding - you're 5'10 so I'm worried that the jacket might be end up being too long for you. Secondly, my biggest beef with it is that it has no action back / shoulder gussets which, in addition to higher / smaller arm holes and tighter sleeves, probably make this particular model considerably less comfortable for riding, compared to other Asymmetrical styles from Schott.

I've read people saying they were barely able to raise their arms wearing the 626 so while this may not be much of a problem on Vespa, for serious riding I'd much rather have a more comfortable jacket.

So basically, I'd stick with any of the 618/118 based models if I were you. :)


Gonzo on 08/03/14 at 09:21 PM

Mointor – thanks again for taking the time to reply. All of this is very useful… but it appears as though there is no middle ground in the Schott range? It’s either the 613/618 etc which are practical but look a bit silly once your off the bike or the 626 which looks/feels good so long as you don’t raise your arms? Man, its beginning to feel as if there isn’t a jacket that will fit a 5’10 bloke who isn’t skinny/large, who wants to be able to ride comfortably but look sharp when not… damn!

Monitor on 08/03/14 at 10:17 PM

Well, for what's it worth, I don't think a dedicated motorcycle jacket can look silly on anyone, off or on the bike. I myself personally find those fitted fashion-oriented fake Perfecto styled jackets, as made by Temple of Jawnz and the likes, very distasteful. It's a corruption of a style that was made with a specific purpose in mind and as such, it really has no use as it's not practical for off bike, daily use, and even less so for riding. I mean, that's just my opinion, but trust me, you don't want your jacket to look like this:


But all that is beside the point. I can only suggest you try a smaller 618/613. They've trimmed down sleeves considerabely already so maybe it's your best bet. Or look into the vintage Schott jackets. I have a 125 that's near skin tight while still being perfectly comfortable on a bike! Exactly the kind of trim fit anyone could hope for. :)

Gonzo on 08/03/14 at 10:41 PM

No - you're right. Even from here, those look rubbish... but man, i dunno if i wanna spin the wheel on trying to buy a vintage Schott jacket online. Feels like an even taller order than getting a new one to fit... a 613 in a 38 would probably (?) be too restrictive across the chest. Jerri has already (kindly) advised a 40 for me but that's before i whinged about the sleeves. I tried a mate's Lewis Leathers jacket in a 38 (which hadn't been broken in) and - obviously its a bit silly to compare buuuut - yeah, i found i could do it up but probably wouldn't ride in it... I do wonder if the 626 and PER really are that uncomfortable for a rider?... would i get stoned (with rocks) if I posted another Q on here with that in the title?

Gail on 08/04/14 at 06:43 AM

I see you have had received great posts from our blog members, as they have posted there is a difference between a riding jacket and and slimmer fit jacket. We do not do sizing on the blog as it can get to extensive with your measurements and the jacket measurements for the different styles. In a motorcycle jacket many body measurements are important to get the best fit in a jacket including chest, sleeve, shoulder, waist, height and even upper arm. Everyone has different measurements and each individual wants to obtain a different fit and look. Also as a rider you have to determine what is comfortable for you when riding. If you contact Jerri in customer service, I have listed her email below, she can send you the specs measurements for each jacket you are interested in to compare each jacket's sizing and possible to a jacket you own now for for fit. She can also help you with any sizing questions you may have. Gail Jerri's email:

Monitor on 08/04/14 at 08:02 AM

Gonzo, I'd ask anywhere I could before pulling the trigger on a jacket I'd have no way of exchanging. :)

If anything, I've found that Schott size pattern specs Jerri has probably had sent you are extremely true so I'd go by that. If it says that the 618 sz. 40 has 25" sleeves, it most definitely has 25" sleeves. Make sure to measure yourself AND any other jacket you think fits you the way you'd want your jacket to fit and compare it to the size pattern chart.

I've also found it useful to look for eBay auctions with the jacket I'm interested in buying because people often provide detailed measurements.

Either way, I don't think you can go wrong with your size number (which is 40, correct?). Jackets in size 40 have at least two inches wider chest and stomach area so that's good. Schott retains same sleeve and body lengths for several size numbers, ranging from 38 to 48 if I'm not mistaken, which simplifies things for you. :)

As Gail has said. Consult Jerri and ask around.

Gail on 08/04/14 at 09:35 AM

For general information, the back lengths on jackets do increase with sizing. On some styles they increase at the size 48, on other styles the back lengths can change for smaller, medium and larger sizes. For sleeve lengths the rule is each size will have a 1/2 inch difference per size per size. Gail

Resign on 08/07/14 at 06:44 PM

Also I feel like it's worth noting, the A/W 2014 Schott 626 has the bi-swing back now and gusseted sleeve zippers on the back of the sleeve rather than the side.

JamesVDant on 08/14/14 at 11:20 AM

Hey there, I know I'm a bit late to this party but I think I could really help out with this. I'm also 5 10" and I weigh 185 lbs. I started with a Schott 118 in size 40 and found that the body was too baggy. I sold it and purchased a 613 in size 40. Typically they say size up to a 42 in the 613 if you wear a 40 in the 118. I did not size up. The jacket fits perfectly through the chest and body. No complaints at all. The sleeves however, are slightly baggy. This jacket was purchased in 2014 so earlier models may differ, but rest assured that the bagginess will become less of an issue as you wear the jacket. In the beginning the leather was so stiff that when I bent my arms the jacket would balloon out in the elbow area and it was literally unwearable when going out. I took a few long motorcycle trips in it, got caught in some rain, threw it around and beat the hell out of it. Now that the leather is plush and malleable, the sleeves don't bother me at all. I even took it to a leather tailor to slim them originally but he (wisely) explained that he would not do this for me until I had worn the jacket for at least a year as the leather would break in and he was certain I would feel differently. I'm so glad I didn't have them slimmed. You NEED that room when riding and I've NEVER had anyone tell me that the jacket looks silly off the bike. Fashion jackets look silly because people ask you what you ride and you tell them you don't have a just like to look like you do. Buy the 613 in size 40 and wear it til you die. Enjoy

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