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PER22 or 519???

I'm finally ready to order my first Schott, and I am having a terrible time trying to decide.  I like the 519, but the pebbled leather seems to lack some of the magic that some of the other jackets have.  So I was looking at the PER22.


I'm not a motorcycle rider, so I don't need a true motorcycle jacket -- but I want something that will break in and develop that worn look over time.  I love the way the long sleeves get their wrinkle marks, etc.  Definitely want a rock and roll vibe to the jacket.


Can anyone compare and contrast the PER22 and 519 for me??  Maybe post some photos of yours??

20160916_1036287.jpg 20160916_1037286.jpg 20160916_1038326.jpg 20160916_1038526.jpg 20160916_1039386.jpg

reverymike on 09/29/16 at 12:23 PM

BTW, I have no idea why those photos posted.  They're not mine??

Gail on 09/30/16 at 07:56 AM

First I must tell you we have had the problem of photos being posted on posts that for some reason appear. I have contacted Jason Schott as he has been on top of this problem and is working with the web master to have the problem solved.

Now onto your inquiry, I need a little more information on what you are looking for in a jacket, so I can guide you a little better in your selection. We have many styles that are similar in design, but do have different options. Since you do not ride are you looking more for a fashion fit, like the tight fit of the style #519? Is your preference in leather a smooth appearance rather then a pebble appearance of the leather? Do you want a quilt or a light weight body lining, a heavy or a mid-weight leather, would you prefer a jacket that is vintage in appearance with that worn look already. Once I have a better idea on what you want in a jacket I can direct you better in your choices.


reverymike on 09/30/16 at 08:57 AM

I think I'd prefer a fashion fit, close to the body.  I like the look of a worn-in jacket, but I'm also willing to let that occur naturally if needed.  I live in Norfolk, Virginia, so it's not arctic, but it can get plenty cold in the winter.  It doesn't need to be a super warm jacket, but I think a quilted lining would be fine.

The style of leather is where I get hung up.  From the photos, I'm just not sure the pebbled leather is 'cool' enough.  :)   I like the classic look of the smoother leather, especially when it has some wear to it.  However, I HAVE seen a few photos on Instagram of employee's 519s that have been broken in, and I think they look pretty good!

I think I'm leaning towards the 519 despite my concern about the pebbled leather. Other people on the Schott forum have raved about it's fit and it being 'rock and roll.'  The bottom line, is I'd like for whatever I end up with to be the last leather jacket I need to buy. . . I want something solid, heavy duty, and lasting.  Lastly, I'm 6'2" 190lbs, athletic build, broad shoulders, thin waist, and I want the jacket to fit well, so it doesn't look like I'm wearing a big garbage bag. 


Gail, I really appreciate your help. I've heard great things about you!!

Gail on 09/30/16 at 09:38 AM

Based on your height and athletic build I see two areas of concern. Being 6'2" tall the jacket may be too short on you in both back and sleeve length, we recommend at your height a jacket in a "Long" size. The second issue is your atheletic build, you will need to purchase a jacket that fits your shoulder and chest, but will probbaly be too large at the waist for you. I suggest you contact Jerri in customer service and request the measurements for the jacket style #519, the Per22 and the 118L (long size). This will give you an idea of the differences in the jackets such as the Per22 has a 27", #519 is 26" and the 118L is 28". I am also concerned with the measurement of your arms as the #519 has very tight sleeves. Measure your chest from under your arm and around your body to determine your chest size and what size you will need in a jacket. Once you determine your size you can check the size with the specs for each jacket style. Sometimes with an athletic build you need to have the jacket tailored to accommodate your waist size. I have listed Jerri"s direct email address to request the measurement specs for these jackets.



blackkeys on 10/22/16 at 07:03 AM


I have the 519.

It´s a great, great jacket and I love it.

Attached you´ll find some pics you asked for.


IMG_00261.JPG IMG_00271.JPG IMG_96585.JPG IMG_96595.JPG IMG_96605.JPG IMG_96693.JPG

breck81 on 10/13/19 at 08:49 AM

Ever decide between the two styles? I too find myself in the predicament of which to get. 519 or Per 22. I'm 6'1, 215, 44" chest. 

reverymike on 10/14/19 at 08:34 AM

I did!  I got the PER 22 and it's AWESOME.  Best leather jacket I've ever had. . .and probably have ever seen. The quality is amazing.

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