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P665 flaw?

Hello all,

I bought a P665 at this year's factory sale; I just noticed two protruding bumps in the leather near the zipper. It feels like there is something underneath the leather. Is this a flaw? Please see attached photos. 

Thanks in advance. 

IMG_20191231_1842021.jpg IMG_20191231_1841421.jpg

Gail on 01/03/20 at 01:14 PM

At our annual factory sale we sell many jackets at many different prices, we have a special room where all jackets are $50 and under. We also sell discontinued and irregulars at discounted prices. I am not sure how this jacket was sold, possibly at a discounted price. Without opening the jacket to see exactly what these two bumps are I can not tell you what they are. We do have posted at our sale that all sales are final, no exchanges or refunds. Because the jackets are discounted so much it is the customer's responsibility to check the jacket at that time. If by chance the jacket was not a already discounted, irregular or from our $50 room and you find a decrepency you can contact one of our salespeople on the floor to see if they would adjust the cost. Since you did not list the jacket as being new stock or the price you paid I really cannot determine how the jacket was sold at. Even our new stock is sold at a discounted price which I am sure you have check the retail cost on. I wish I could help you, but I can not, all sales are final no exceptions. If you want to send the jacket in for repair for these 2 bumps, they can open the lining and repair but this would be at your cost.


wng801 on 01/03/20 at 01:26 PM

Hi Gail, thanks for your usual quick response. The jacket was from the new regular stock as it was obtained from behind the counter. The jacket was not from the discounted or irregular floor. Unfortunately I did not catch the two bumps at the time but it is now very prominent. I paid $930 for it, which was quoted as 20% off retail price. I understand that comes at a discount, but despite that, for a jacket that cost me close to a thousand bucks (close to $1200 retail), and considering the fact this came from regular stock, this flaw is quite disappointing. 

Gail on 01/03/20 at 01:58 PM

When you say behind the counter, do you mean from a rank behind the table where you pay for jackets? Usually new stock sold at a 20% discount would have to have a salesman go into our stockroom and get the jacket. I know it is hectic there and possibly someone else noticed the defect when checking out so the jacket would be placed on a rack behide the cash out table. If you have the receipt of the price you paid you can contact Jerri in customer service and plead your case as I do not know if they would make an exception. I must warn you if you do not have a receipt of the price you paid, they will not know what you did pay or if it was new stock.



wng801 on 01/03/20 at 02:05 PM

Hello again Gail. Yes, the jacket was retrieved from the sales staff in the stockroom in the back racks. It was not from the general public area sales floor. I still do have the original receipt, and will email Jerri. 

Thanks for all you do as well as everyone at Schott. I've been a longtime fan and have gone to the factory sales for many years, it's always a good time there. It's just this particular issue that's disappointing. Thanks again! 

Gail on 01/05/20 at 09:02 AM

I have forwarded this post to Jerri, so when you contact her she will know what your concern is. Please email her a photo of the bumps and your receipt.


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