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Origin of perfecto 118

Dear Gail, Could you tell me the exact year that the present day Perfecto118 went on sale. I mean the style that has been around for the last few years and is considered 'classic'? I don't mean the 70th anniversary model or the 618 etc. Also, who are UNITE HERE local 169? Are you not making the jackets anymore? Love your jackets, Cheers, Rob Daniels

Jason_Schott on 07/12/05 at 04:03 PM

Dear Rob,


We are still checking on the 118 answer, but I would like to answer your inquiry about UNITE HERE.  This is the organization to which our unionized employees belong.  Our employees have been unionized for decades, so nothing has changed.  We are still the manufacturers as we have always been. 


Jason Schott 

Gail on 07/12/05 at 06:58 PM

Hi Rob, We had to do a little research into our records on when the style #118 was first offered. The first year we produced the exact variation of the 618 in a naked leather was in the year 1978. The 618 was the original classic style in the steerhide leather. The only difference between the 118 & 618 is the type of leather, both are the classic style. Gail

Rob on 07/16/05 at 11:14 AM

Dear Gail, Thanks for your replies. As the 618 is the original classic, could you tell me when this was first issued for sale? Is the present day cut the same as when it was first issued or is there a date for this also? (Sorry about this dates thing, it must be the history teacher in me). Many thanks to all at Schott, Rob.

Gail on 07/21/05 at 07:41 PM

Hi Rob, Sorry for the delay but we had to do some researching on when the first style # 618 was offered in the line. We finally found the date of 1952. Though we had similar motorcycle jackets in our line prior to this date, dating back to the original in 1928, this was the yaer the #618 was offered. Gail

Rob on 07/26/05 at 08:42 PM

Dear Gail and Jason, Many thanks for your replies to my questions about the origins of the 118 and 618 Perfectos. I have another one and it has perplexed me for a while now. I bought my 118 in January 1996 from a shop in london. I have always been and still am a size 40 chest but I had to buy a size 42 as the size 40 was too small. Earlier this year (2005) I went to the same shop and just for the hell of it, I tried a size 40 Perfecto 118 on. To my amazement it fit and the 42 was too big! Have Schott changed the cut recently of the 118? I know the 618 has a narrower cut but was this the case for the 118 also until recently? Your answer is eagerly awaited! As ever, keep it up and best wishes, Rob.

Gail on 07/27/05 at 01:14 PM

Hi Rob, In the year 1996 the 118 was cut the same as the 618 pattern. In 1999 we upgraded the #118 patterns to a more updated fit. Gail

Rob on 08/04/05 at 01:43 PM

Dear Gail, I promise that this will be the last question on this particular theme but I would like to know why you don't just re-label your 618 Perfectos rather than suggest that people buy one size up? For instance, if a size 42 fits like a 40 (as in my case), then why don't you call it a size 40?? Is it because in the past, people were smaller than todays more weighty society and could fit into the smaller size or is there some other reason? Please enlighten me! Cheers as ever, Rob.

Gail on 08/04/05 at 04:43 PM

Dear Rob, I do understand your question about changing the sizing on the patterns. When we upgraded the #118 patterns we also upgraded the #618, to our surprise we received numerous inquiries on the different fit of  the #618. Our international customers and US retailers requested we go back to the original fit of when the #618 was first made. Due to our customer's demands to preserve the original #618 jacket, we have maintained and produce the jacket to the original specifications. There are just some things you cannot change one being is our Classic Perfecto #618, we have learned that through the voices of our customers. I think you may also be correct in thinking that a individuals measurements have changed some in 50 years. Gail

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