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One of a kind Child / Toddler Schott Perfecto motorcycle jackets

I have these jackets that were featured on a tv show in the 90's. 

No others exist!!

i have a size 2 & 4. ( 2 yr d and for a 4 yr old)

i posted on eBay today


Gail on 02/03/17 at 07:57 AM

Just to clarify, while these two jackets may have been on a TV show, they are not the only jackets that exist in a child's perfecto jacket. We have offered the child's Perfecto jacket first in 1984 & 1985. In 1994 we again offered the jacket child's motorcycle jacket, which I purchased at the time for my grandchild. So while the jackets are rare others vintage kid's Perfecto jackets are out there. The jacket I purchased over 22 years ago has been worn by many kids and family friends kids through the years.


lolapaluuza on 01/14/21 at 04:59 AM

Wow that's cool! I want the same for my daughter, she loves such things more than dresses.

costalacosta on 01/14/21 at 07:42 AM

Oh, my Gosh! I am sure you have already sold both of those amazing jackets, but maybe you remember whom you sold it to? I really want them. I guess those kids who wore them have already grown up from those sizes. I would buy them for almost any price. I think once I saw a similar jacket on a kid in the Little Scholars Kindergarten Brooklyn - My son goes there and I was waiting outside for him when I saw that jacket on a boy. You can ask me why I was outside waiting for my kid. I should say, this is a very reliable place. They follow all the anti-covid rules, so parents are not allowed to come in. They also check kids' health conditions every day and sanitizes all areas in a kindergarten. Yes, that is great. So, I will be thankful if you could help me to find those jackets!

KidSchott on 01/14/21 at 02:37 PM

Hi there, Are you in the U.S.? I don't ship internationally.  I am very torn about selling these. It would have to be over a thousand each. Let me know if you're still interested or...if you're "out", I understand.

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