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obsessive search for a 613, 125 or 141

been searching high and low for a well-loved 613, 125 or 141 in a sz 34 or 36... please contact if you have one you are willing to let go of...

YoungGun on 01/11/13 at 01:54 AM

I have a size 38 model 141 (naked cowhide) if you're interested.  I wear a size 38 suit and can tell you that this jacket fits two sizes smaller in my opinion.  I can't even zip it up.  Definitely a vintage size 38 and not a modern cut.  I know because I also own the 641 in steerhide size 38 and it's a much more modern cut (feels two sizes larger than the 141).   Here are the measurements on the 141:

Shoulder to shoulder: 19 inches       Armpit to pit:  21 inches    Waist: 18 inches     Sleeves: 23.5 inches     Length: 25 inches 

The jacket is in excellent shape (9) on a scale of 1-10, with only very minor wear.   Leather is really thick and buttery soft.  Wasn't planning on selling it but since it's too small on me, why not?   Due to the excellent shape it's in, I'm willing to sell it for $400.   Let me know if you're interested.

enoch on 01/15/13 at 04:22 AM

YoungGun, thanks for the post. The jacket looks beautiful. Although i just picked up Lesco in this style so I think I have to revise this to just looking for a 613 or 125 in a 36. I know its not nearly as cool as the Schott, but I'm running out of space to hang my jackets. One thought, would you be amenable to a trade? I have a size 38 Schott Bros. leather trench that is a little to big for me that I am looking to let go of if you would take the trade as some of the payment. I just got it, spent a bunch of money getting it cleaned, the liner zipper fixed, rebuttoned, etc. Odd history on the jacket, asked Gail about it after I got it. It was something that was sold by Schott's Japanese distributor. Kind of a neat piece, might fit you just right. I'll send photos if you have any interest. Thanks again.

YoungGun on 01/17/13 at 10:52 AM

Yes would like to see what kind of trench coat you have. Could you post some shots?

enoch on 01/24/13 at 09:18 PM

sorry it took me a minute. been a bit busy with work. so sadly, i think i might have grown a bit attached to this jacket now that it is colder. and i think i might have found a 613. here are some photos anyways, including some of the flaws... i think it looks pretty sweet. sorry its just on a hanger. i didn't have a model available today :).

enoch on 01/28/13 at 06:27 AM

ok... searched, found, received, can't quite get the smile off my face when i've got it on... thanks lots gail for helping me get the right size...

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