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Newbie Questions - 673 Retro Moto

Just took delivery of my 673 Retro Moto, and it’s even nicer than I expected.  But being new to leather for anything but shoes and belts, I have a few questions:

1. What, if anything, should I be using to condition the jacket?  And if there is something, how often?  When dry, regularly, etc?

2. The sleeves are slightly long, and while I have a great tailor, he doesn’t work on leather this thick.  There seem to be two routes to finding a leather alteration person, furriers or motorcycle shops.  Does anyone have any wisdom to share on this subject?



Gail on 07/13/19 at 07:58 AM

The style #673 is a Vintage Waxy finished Cowhide. Your jacket should not need any special care for a few years, but that care does depend on use. If you wear the jacket everyday in all kinds of weather which can be sometimes harsh on leather you will need to condition more often. This slightly shiny finish will dimish some with wear as the leather break in. Do not apply a water repellent product to the leather as these products seal the pores, causing dry rot, leather needs to breath and be able to absorb conditioners when applied. Store jacket in a cool closet in very hot weather and never cover with plastic. When you do condition the jacket always use a all natural product, and test any product first on a inside flap or band before applying to the more noticeable panel of the jacket.

Schott does shorten sleeves on jackets. Jerri in our customer service handles all repairs, she can provide the cost and shipping instructions to have the sleeves shorten. She is currently out on vacation until 7/17/19, I have listed her direct email address for you.



TCN01 on 07/13/19 at 08:01 AM

Thanks Gail!

TCN01 on 07/13/19 at 08:18 AM

Sorry Gail, one follow-up . . . so down the road, is there a safe way to restore that waxy look if I wanted to?

Fortheus on 07/13/19 at 10:46 AM

I am in same boat for this. The weight and leather surprise me. But I feel that the sleeve is 1-1.5 inch too long for size M and the whole sleeve width/opening is a little bit too big

i attach the picture. What do you all think?


if i put my hand straight down, it reach center of my palm


TCN01 on 07/13/19 at 08:06 PM

I think the fit is fine, sleeve width looks appropriate from what I can tell.  But I intensely dislike too tight sleeves.  I think like mine, the sleeves are a bit long which should be easily remedied.

Fortheus on 07/14/19 at 12:02 AM

@Gail, I just received this jacket directly from Schott ( I can give the order number) but left vs right hand looks very different. One has more grain and dryer compared to the other?

is this difference to be expected from 673? Which one is the expected leather for 673?


Gail on 07/15/19 at 08:13 AM

It is hard to give a definite reply that one sleeve is longer then the other by just looking at a photo. The right sleeve does appear to be maybe 1/4" shorter, but the sleeve also appears to have a few ripples in the leather and is not straight. You can not determine if there is a difference in length while wearing. I suggest you lay each sleeve of the jacket flat and measure each sleeve from the top of the shoulder sleeve seam and down to the end of the sleeve. If there is a big discrepancy in the length and since you just received and is unworn you can return to Schott for an exchange. Please note though a allowance of a 1/4" plus or minus is considered acceptable in a jacket.


Fortheus on 07/15/19 at 08:38 AM

Hi Gail,

it’s not about the length but the right sleeve is more grainy vs the left. Will this get even out?

return it is very expensive since I am in Singapore

Fortheus on 07/15/19 at 09:02 AM

Difference at the bottom of the jacket as well


Gail on 07/16/19 at 07:53 AM

Being in Singapore does present a problem of returning the jacket for an exchange or credit because of shipping cost. In regards to the sleeve being grainy, which unfortunately I can not see the difference in the two sleeves from your photo. If the sleeve appears to be more vintage in appearance, then the other this would be appropriate as the jacket has been processed to be a Vintaged jacket. I do see the slight difference in the zipper sides, this can be corrected by a tailor to shorten the one side. Since you are not able to send the jacket into us, you can contact our customer service and see if they have other options available, I have listed the email for Jerri in our customer service to contact.



Fortheus on 07/16/19 at 08:49 AM

Hi Gail,

thanks for the reply. The bottom is also not about the length but about the crease. You were saying that this model have gone through factory vintaging process?

The grain looks great, just unfortunate that it’s not equally grained for every panel

This was not mentioned in product description. Can you tell more about this model? How was it being vintaged in factory/tannery?

Gail on 07/17/19 at 07:15 AM

Leather is not a man made product, it is from a animal hide and there will be variations in the hides. The panels can appear different, just like a human our skin texture and appearance can be different on our body, a animal hide is no different on parts of their body. I think this is a beauty part of leather as it has the appearance of being real leather, not a smooth perfect appearance that would be produced by a made man synthetic vinyl leather. Genuine leather will always have the natural grain of the hide.

In our description the jacket was described as being vintage which means the hides were processed to appear age. This vintaging includes shading of color and a broken in appearance of the leather as being worn for years. This process was done at the tannery when the hides were processed, they do not publicize their methods on how they process the hides in achieving the coloring or finishes to produce the many different types of appearances in hides. Their methods is what keeps then in business and manufacturers ordering the leather from them. On our website we actually have 9 photos parts of the jacket which provides a good variety of the jacket's differences and appearance.


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