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New shirts

I got an email message from Schott that they had new shirts for sale.  Since Schott is one of my favorite companies I came to check it out, hoping to find some USA made high quality shirts.  I'm not a big fan of plaid shirts, but was going to order one anyway just to show my support for that rare, almost extinct USA made product.  I was disappointed to see that the shirts are "imported."   Not only that but as far as I could tell there is no description about the quality of material, stitching or anything else that would set this $70 shirt apart from one that I could find for $5.00 at the big W, chinese import wearhouse (known by another name of course).

I'm a very big Schott fan and so far have five jackets with the brand name, and plan on getting more in the future.  Not only because when it comes to the quality of the U.S made schott jackets nothing comes  close,  but because they didn't sell out to foreign interests.  

If a company can't manufacture a decent shirt in the U.S.A that retails for $70.00 and still make a fair profit,  the we are truly lost as a nation and might as well shop at the Chinese warehouse.

Sorry, didn't mean to get political but I'm bummed out because yesterday I happened to glance at my Motorcycle boots made by a major US motorcycle company that is as American as Apple Pie and baseball,  and found that for the past six months I was wearing a pair of boots that is as American as the Great Wall.  Which would be fine MAYBE if it didn't cost almost $200.00.   I really need to stop assuming and read every single lable, before I buy.

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