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Will it stretch?

I am considering the 613H horsehide jacket and am curious about the fit. Will it stretch? 

GailH on 02/02/18 at 08:41 AM

The jacket is a heavy horsehide leather which is a heavy leather and while the leather will break-in, it will not stretch. This style 613SH is a slim fitting style based on the classic style 613 and while the jacket has a biswing back it does not have the underarm footballs as the classic 613, which allow for easier movement. In a motorcycle jacket your body structure and your measurements is very important in the size you choose. I am not sure what your measurements are, possibly you have broad shoulders which are constricting to the shoulder & chest size of the jacket. I am not sure where you purchased the jacket from, but if it was from our website and now that you have tried on the jacket and it is not a good fit you can return the jacket for an exchange or refund. To return to us the jacket must have the tags and be unworn to return, if from a retailer you should contact the store for their return policy.



lostandfound on 02/03/18 at 12:08 AM

Thanks for letting me know this now

lostandfound on 02/03/18 at 12:36 AM


lostandfound on 02/03/18 at 12:51 AM

I guess, I should've avoided trying to actually try some of the jackets on in the first place, and just ordered online directly....  It literally probably would've been easier and less costly.

Bahabp100 on 02/03/18 at 01:28 AM

Why don’t you return it to where you bought it if only 3 days old ??

lostandfound on 02/03/18 at 02:54 AM

I emailed them, they said they would email Schott the pics of the torn shoulder.  

GailH on 02/03/18 at 08:20 AM

First let me say I am so sorry you have had this expierience with a Schott jacket. Unfortunately not only did the salesman give you bad advice on the fit, but you purchased the jacket listening to him on how he likes a jacket to fit and not on your own comfort in the jacket. Of course the fitb of the style 141 and a 613/613S/613SH would be different as they are totally different styles, patterns and fit. 

As much as we would like everyone selling or jackets to be totally knowledgeable this is not a feasible thing. People working in stores come and go and unless they own the store, they are their for a job. If they work on commission it can even be more difficult to get an honest opinion as all the see is a sale and commission. Sometimes we need to just decide ourselves what fits and how it feels and looks on us and not rely on others to direct us Please understand Schott does not own these retail stores and cannot set up store policies for a business. I know you have spoken to the salesman about this, but have you spoken to the actual owner of the business?

As Jerri has confirmed we will repair the jacket for you. I want all our members to also understand that we do guarantee materials and construction of a jacket. However are hands are more tied when a jacket is purchased too small and causes the damage. I have listed our distributor in Canada who can possibly help you in recommending a tailor in Canada to repair the jacket. Then possibly have him or yourself contact the owner of the store to pay for the repair. Once the jacket is repaired even though you now realize the size and fit of this jacket is too tight for you and not a wearable jacket for you, you could possibly sell the jacket and recoup some of your lose. 

Once again I am so sorry this has happened, and that we cannot help any further then to offer repairing the jacket. I can understand how upset you are about the cost and damage to the jacket. Unfortunately like any of us if we purchase any clothing that is too small and it rips, it is not the fault of the manufacturer. Not only did you have a bad salesman you made a bad descision even though the jacket felt tight you listened to another person decide what is right for you. Below is the information for our distributor in Canada, as I think he should be aware of what has happened, the salesman's incorrect advice to you and the store that you purchased the jacket from.


Gary Skolnik, INM Apparel, phone #514-382-5229, email:

richgreene on 02/03/18 at 11:11 AM

Without writing a book —-

You never should’ve left the store with that silly little jacket !!!

AussieJagman on 02/03/18 at 07:27 PM

To summarize - You ordered a new Schott jacket through a Canadian retailer. Clearly you were aware of Schott's (correct) advice to "size up" and clearly you felt the jacket was too small when you tried it on. A salesman trying to "sell" this particular jacket to you gave you false and misleading advice, advice that was contrary to what Schott say in their advertising for the jacket and advice that was contrary to your own instinct.

I have no idea of how things operate in Canada but in Australia that sort of conduct would be actionable but it would be entirely against the retailer, not Schott, since Schott made the correct information publicly available and both yourself and the retailer were aware that the advice of the retailer was contrary to that of the manufacturer (Schott) and taking that retailer's advice lead to damage to the jacket through misuse.

The retailer should take the jacket back and refund your money then the retailer should return the jacket to Schott for repair and then sell it as a second hand jacket.

wolverine on 02/03/18 at 11:52 PM

After reading the poor advise you were given by Schott regarding fit being the same as a 141 in the same size (I know both of these styles and that is not true). Or the retailer who advised you that horsehide stretches...I must say that I am a bit surprised that Schott has not stepped up and offered to do one of these:


- repair this for free if you pay shipping

-exchange it for the next size larger

-repair it for free and replace liner with a thin cotton one like the Cafe 1

-suggest you resell this jacket and then sell you a larger size at dealer cost or their production cost


If none of the above happens, which is a real shame since you dropped over a grand buying may consider removing the quilted lining in the body...the sleeves are just thin satin and will not change fit...this will give you about 1/2 size larger.  If that works you can then have a body liner made out of your favorite flannel shirt. 

lostandfound on 02/04/18 at 01:29 AM



Yes, different people will think different things fit differently.  

Ramonesome on 02/04/18 at 03:28 AM

I sympathize friend, I really do. I think most jacket hounds have purchased a piece they desperately wanted to convince themselves would fit one day. Leather may get softer in time but sadly it does not stretch. It's a big purchase and you must be heart broken, I get it. 

That said, its time to put on your problem solving hat. Get the jacket fixed. Sell the jacket, either here, Ebay or a your local craigslist. You'll take a hit but you'll recoup enough you can replace with something that does fit. You are a tall lanky dude, not every jacket style is going to hit your frame the same way. That 141 looked great on you FYI, with your long torso you might want a longer cut jacket. Depends on your style. If the 141 was a tad loose in the mid section that's because your 6 feet 130 could always start eating cheeseburgers. 

If you sell your jacket on ebay and take a look for something in your size where there's no salesperson looking over your shoulder pressuring you. I see 141's, and vintage 654's, on Ebay all the time, for a steal. You could still come out of this with a bad ass jacket your stoked to wear. 

Hang in there pal. 

crippe on 02/04/18 at 06:58 AM

What a bummer! You’re clearly a size 38 in a 613/618. A thing to note is that horsehide has less tensile strength than steerhide so it will tear more easily. My advice: get the jacket fixed, sell it and get a vintage Schott size 38 ;)

GailH on 02/04/18 at 08:03 AM

Wolverine, I am suprised you feel Schott is responsible for a person who already has confirmed he purchased the jacket that was much too small for his measurements. As noted on our website we do advise correct sizing, he listened to a salesman talk him into purchasing a jacket that was too small for him. This sales person does not work for Schott he works for the retailer, no way can Schott be responsible for all the sales people that sell our jackets. In addition Jerri at Schott has offered to repair the jacket for him. I am just not sure why you think Schott should be responsible for other people's mistakes and judgement. 


Qristian on 02/04/18 at 08:27 AM

They told you "Schott makes their jackets so that they stretch over time".

You went home from the shop and immediately started attempting to stretch the jacket. That sounds quite violent and not the way how break-in period should be done with jacket, shoes or new cars...

as I understand too small jacket does not stretch immediately. It takes years of using the jacket under different weather conditions and maybe, maybe the seams might loosen a bit so that you start feeling comfortable. If I would gain weight for example 50 lbs in one night, my skin would tear apart. If the gain would come in longer period my skin would adapt. Sorry for my poor English and I am also sorry this happened to you.

For example too small shoes can be stretched a bit but you have to ask your cobbler to do that and it is a slow process and they have machine for that. I have stretched my red wing iron rangers by using total of two cans of mink oil for two weeks.

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