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For Sale - Schott 626 XL

Hello Trading post.  

I have a still new Scott 626 XL for sale for $400. The jacket is in excellent condition and has never been worn outside, with the exception of my wearing it around the house a few times while getting a feel but realizing its a bit too big. This is an older version of the standard 626 as it has the signature One-Star Schott is known for which are now removed from the later versions.

I live in San Francisco so local CA pickup preferred, if possible, otherwise can also ship if needed.

A note on size for any potential buyers;

I'm 6'-3" 200lbs, but with a slender frame, and its loose on me.  Also, it hangs surprisingly long in the torso and arms in comparison with other leather jackets.  I read up on a lot of reviews which recommended to buy bigger as its a slim fit jacket, but I definitely need a Large, so keep that in mind as in my opinion its pretty close to true size.  Also, long shot, but if anyone has a Large and is looking for an XL I'd be willing to Trade.

Any other questions let me know.



626_XL_PIC__01__Front_Flat1.jpg 626_XL_PIC__02__Sleeve_Open1.jpg 626_XL_PIC__03__Shoulder1.jpg

Gail on 08/03/17 at 11:25 AM

I know you have listed the jacket as brand new, but potential buyers looking at the jacket will see the creases in the sleeves from wear and older jackets only have the stars on the epaulets. The jacket does look in very good condition though, I would suggest you post the pocket ticket with the barcode number which can confirm the jacket's year of production. Most buyers will look for the year of production of a jacket that is costed at $500 and are very knowledgeable on what to look for. Buyers also realize buying a used jacket they no longer have the manufacturer's guarantee, so they do think twice about the cost.


FORGEDFROMFIRE on 08/07/17 at 08:20 PM

Hello Gail.  I appreciate you taking the time to review and comment on my ad.  The jacket is indeed in new condition, and has never been worn outside.  I have worn it for 20 minute sessions around my living room, but I realized it was too big so its been back in the bag ever since.  I'm not sure about the creases, my maybe that's from being folded up for awhile as its taken my a couple years to decide to sell it.  Really, really don't want to but I think its time.  The jacket is in new condition and is still awaiting the initial owner to break it in.  I took into consideration your comment on the void warranty as this is being purchased second-hand on not directly through you, so I am lowering the price from $500 to $400 on account the buyer and I would still need to negotiate shipping if they are outside the Bay area.  So any takers for a 626 XL with the One-stars version can get this jacket for half the price, which is a deal as the jacket is in immaculate condition.  I'll upload the picture of the tag this week as well.  Any other questions please let me know.

Gail on 08/08/17 at 07:29 AM

The jacket does look to be in excellent condition and since it has the stars it is the original design of the jacket. It is possible that the creases in the sleeve are from folding the jacket, and it also does not take much wear for creases on leather to appear with bending of the arms. I was not trying to downside your sale of the jacket, I just wanted you to know what potential buyers will look at and what they want to know. Everyday I get inquiries on jackets that are being sold, you may also want to list the jacket on Ebay, many Schott buyers look on Ebay for our jackets.


FORGEDFROMFIRE on 09/05/17 at 08:37 PM

UPDATE:  Tag is 1603305018 LOT: XL  BNDL:  017   626

Gail on 09/06/17 at 08:13 AM

Based on the barcode on the pocket ticket this jacket was produced in 2013.


JayD on 05/21/18 at 12:44 AM

Hello, is this jacket still available?

FORGEDFROMFIRE on 05/22/18 at 04:53 PM

Yes, the jacket is still available.  It is currently in a jacket bag in the back of my closet so its keeping nice.  If you're interested please let me know if you need any additional information or pictures from me, and also please note the description as the jacket is quite large

JayD on 05/29/18 at 01:28 AM

Thank you for your response.  Taking your advice, I had to try the 626 on from a local dealer and unfortunately the XL is too big for me as well.  Thank you again for your time though.

Schmitzer on 06/29/18 at 01:00 AM

Jacket still for sale?

FORGEDFROMFIRE on 08/25/18 at 03:05 PM

So its been awhile since I've logged on.  JAYD, no problem, just want to ensure you don't make the same mistake I did, as the jacket does seem to run rather large, especially when compared to the Vintage version of this model.

SCMITZER, yes the jacket is still for sale.  Its just sitting in the back of my closet so no rush on the sale.  Take your time on any research you'd want to do and please let me know if you'd like any additional information from me?

Jabanero on 09/01/18 at 01:16 PM

Hello, I'm interested. Is there any way I can contact you? 

FORGEDFROMFIRE on 09/02/18 at 10:53 AM

Hello JABANERO.  Yes the jacket is still available.  You can contact me via email at the following address below and I'll respond with my contact info.  Let me know if you have any questions for me as well.

toddroxx on 06/20/19 at 08:17 PM

Is this still available? If so I have a possible trade for you. I have a jacket that is size large. 





Bahabp100 on 06/20/19 at 11:51 PM

What is the chest measurement pit to pit across ? Thank You 

Fatbob87 on 06/23/19 at 03:08 AM

Is this still for sale?

Ronnie122400 on 10/26/19 at 04:10 AM


Is the jacket still availble?


Ronnie122400 on 11/11/19 at 03:09 PM

Greeting, I emailed you sometime back regarding your 626 XL for sale, with that if is it still available would you be willing to entertain a trade? I have a Perfecto 125 in mint condition size 42 email me for photo's  look forward to hearing from you



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