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need to trade brand new jacket!

HI! i have a brand new 118 with tags which ive had a year now but never wore its too small! (its a 42") would anyone like to trade similar ? thanks , i have pics if required

gixxer11 on 04/08/10 at 05:30 PM

no one in uk have a 44" thats a bit big?

gixxer11 on 04/08/10 at 05:37 PM

dont have to have tags but needs to be mint, thanks may take a different style 618 etc

tweedydon on 04/13/10 at 07:58 PM

I'm looking to trade my mint 44 Perfecto for a mint or excellent condition 42--so maybe we'll both get lucky! I'll try and contact you directly; please do get in touch with me, also

Edit: I tried emailing, but it seems that my mail system isn't cooperating. Please do email me, though, and I'll get back to you asap!  Note that I'm in the US, so the mailing costs might not work for us...

gixxer11 on 04/14/10 at 07:25 AM

wed be looking at about $60.00 postage!

tweedydon on 04/14/10 at 08:35 AM

That would be OK with me, if it would be OK with you--frankly, if I sold my Perfecto to finance another one I wouldn't get more than $225 or so, so I'd prefer to trade it even with high postage costs as this would work out better. (I'm thinking a possible sale for $225 would see me "out" about $250 to get a new Perfecto, whereas this way I'm only out the postage costs.)

If you're interested, my email is: tweedydon at gmail dot com; I'll also happily pass on my business email to youby email (this is one that shows who I am IRL through Google, so you won't be thinking of sending a jacket to some random anonymous Internet person!)

wolverine on 04/14/10 at 08:58 AM

Both of you can save a few bucks on shipping if you DO NOT use the Flat rate Priority box.  You need to check the package weight...but it should be about 5-6 lbs.  Priority mail offers a free larger sized box 12x12x8 that is not flat rate or one of your own boxes...


Good luck

gixxer11 on 04/14/10 at 09:53 AM

thanks for that wolverine! i'll look into postage then and send you some pics in the meanwhile ok buddy? i actually got my perfecto off a guy on this site , if you search my posts youll see im genuine too ! thanks

gixxer11 on 04/14/10 at 09:55 AM

by the way! which model is it? 118? and how long you had it? can you send some pics too? thanks


tweedydon on 04/14/10 at 01:34 PM


Yes--thanks, wolverine! :)

I'd be happy to take pictures--I'll do so today, and could either post them here or else email them to you.

I've had my Perfecto for about a year--I got it in the middle of my weight loss, which was pretty foolish. (My size 46 Perfectios have already gone to other homes--I think I listed them here for a while?) It's been tried on twice--once when I got it, and once a couple of days ago, when I decided I needed a snugger fit. It's mint, and I discovered the inspection ticket in the pocket yesterday! :)

I'm afraid I'm not sure if it's a 618 or a 118--I've checked the pockets for inside tags, too. I *think* that it's a 118; I have an older size 44 Perfecto that fits me fine, and this one is bigger (not just in feel, but in size--I've measured them both to check), which leads me to think that it's a 44 118 and I need a 42 118.

I'll be in touch with pictures when I have your email--or else could just post them up here!





gixxer11 on 04/14/10 at 03:43 PM

are there no tags in the coin pocket? i need to be sure of the model and size before we swap! ill post some pics of mine asap!

gixxer11 on 04/14/10 at 03:44 PM

hey wolverine! can you recommend any good cheap postal service? thanks

tweedydon on 04/15/10 at 07:54 AM

I just checked the coin pocket--and unfortunately my jackets a 618! So, I think that it'll be too small for you... and yours too big for me! (It seems I need a 42 in 618,or a 40 in 118.) Pity....

gixxer11 on 04/15/10 at 08:14 AM

we should ask gail?

tweedydon on 04/15/10 at 12:14 PM

Sounds like a good idea!

gixxer11 on 04/15/10 at 04:34 PM

it looks like theyre about the same size! i have heard the 618 runs small whilst the 118 is more roomy. ah well , still it was nice talking to you buddy , i'll have to ride in my vanson or branded or  lose weight !  all the best hope, you get a good swap .

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